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Frequently Asked Questions
What is vidi$?
vidi$ is vidiLife’ special currency used for shopping virtual gift at vidiShop.

What is vidiShop?
vidiShop is vidLife’ virtual store where you can purchase vidiGift and send to your friends.
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What is vidiGift?
vidiGift is a virtual gift, not the real stuff you buy from the shopping mall. You can only purchase vidiGift from vidiLife’ vidiShop. You need to have vidi$ to purchase vidiGift. vidiGift is a fun way to share with your friends at vidiLife. It’s a sure way to put a big smile on someone’s face! Another great way to break the ice!

How does this vidiGift works?
When you purchase and send a vidiGift to a friend, your friend will receive a notification message of your vidiGift. He or she then have the option to accept or decline. If accept, your vidiGift will appear on your friends’ home page.

How do I get vidi$
Presently, there are two ways to earn vidi$:
1. Being an active vidiLife member. You earn 40 vidi$ everytime to login to use the site ( each login session must be 30 minutes apart to qualify for vidi$. )
2. Refer friends to join vidiLife. You earn 500 vidi$ for each friend that click the link from your invitation email and join vidiLife. ( (i) your friend must never been a vidiLife member before in order for you to earn vidi$ and (ii) we track and automatically award vidi$ to your account for each qualified signup )
Click here to send invitation email to your friends.

How do I send vidiGift?
Go to your friend’ profile page, click the link Send vidiGift ( locates on the left handside below the main photo )
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