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Date: Jul/07/2006 02:31 PM

So today was pretty average…  I woke up early with not much to do and ended up spending an hour on the couch reading the July Cosmo and eating chocolate cookies.  The flat is infested with ants and that’s no fun ’cause the little buggers pop up everywhere in swarms.  I found a small army of them floating in my roomate’s open water bottle that was left on the kitchen counter overnight, and left the whole mess there for her as a present.  Mmm, protein water!  I’m so thoughtful.

Then I spent the normal forty minutes slogging through traffic on the 405 – bloody awful as usual.  No real jams but the experience of slowly roasting in limbo between sunshot exhaust and hot blacktop was rather soul crushing.  Isn’t life in southern California all about going to the beach on a hot summer’s day?  So why has the freeway become my number one chilling spot this July?

Fill in the blank here with everyday job angst, don’t like work, have to get people’s coffee, blah blah blah.

Involved myself in an interesting office conversation about the "new" diesel-cum-vegetable oil fuels for cars…  Are they really more efficient and better for the environment?  Well, yes, but only rich people can afford to fuel their fancy car and its deluxe converted engine with stuff that costs three times as much as regular gasoline.  Will the entire population of Beverley Hills using eco-fuels cut down on pollution in California?  No, because the entire population of Beverley Hills makes up about 0.001% of the total human mass in the state of California.  So I guess being environmentally conscious is still about being rich and trendy, too.

This weekend my big plans are to hitchike to Fresno and do food reviews at every truck stop I can hit along the way….  I’ll take along a digital camera and make a corresponding video journal of the trip.  Actually, those aren’t my plans at all, though the truck stop idea sounds way more exciting.  In reality I plan to sleep, sleep, possibly even sleep, and shell out my hard-earned cash to catch "A Scanner Darkly" at the local cinema.  I hope the movie is good ’cause it’s the only thing I’m interested in watching this entire summer.

Might come back next week with a movie review, but more likely with a hangover and my usual surly attitude.  Until then, au revoir, and don’t be a slow coach, Rex!

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