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First Videos

Watch free, streaming first videos, and download your favorites or post the video codes to your website!

Free streaming videos that you can watch, download, or post codes to embed on your site! Upload your streaming video, or download your favorites and grab video codes to post on your website.

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Hawaiianair first class Hawaiian Airlines first class Hawaii
http://CheapHawaiianAirlines.com Save big on your Hawaii flights Hawaiianair first class Hawaiian Airlines first class Hawaii Low discount prices on Hawaiian Airlines. Visit http://CheapHawaiianAirlines.com and see how much you'll save!

By Anna 1085 days ago on Jet Setting
Popularity Views: 1,560
Tags: hawaiianair,
New Status Symbol..Paid Mortgage!
Pay off mortgage early and save thousands in interest payments. Get FREE Analysis showing how soon your mortgage can be paid off! http://www.JaysMoney.com

By Jay 1089 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 1,558
Tags: mortgage free,
Coolest Grandson First Christmas
Coolest Grandson First Christmas. 2007 Gabriel's First Christmas Movie. Gabriel spends time with the family at Christmas while they try to make him smile.

By Shawn 1094 days ago on It's All Relative
Popularity Views: 2,484
Tags: christmas movie,
Gabriel's First Christmas Movie 2007
2007 Gabriel's First Christmas Movie - Gabriel spends time with the family while they try to make him smile. Coolest grandson on the Internet!

By Shawn 1094 days ago on It's All Relative
Popularity Views: 2,089
Tags: gabriel, first christmas, 2007 gabriel, christmas movie,
www.PaysOffMyMortgage.Com - Mortgage Accelerator Plus (MAP)
www.PaysOffMyMortgage.Com What's My Secret to Paying Off Mortgages in 7-10 years without making extra payments and without having to increase your expenses? Find out here. This is NOT a Bi-Weekly, Debt Roll up or some ridiculous. This works ...

By Rob 1123 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 1,893
Tags: map, gmac,
Galapagos Islands travel: First Church in Quito, plus the Winged Virgin Statue with impressive city views.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. It's still impossible to describe that statue or the views from atop it's hill. Most impressive. Our Mountain Travel Sobek tour of Quito, Ecuador ended with a real "high". Next: flying to the Galapagos Islands. Gail from RomanoTravelOnline.com made all our travel agent arrangements. (1:30) Real People having Real Fun! You can view this video & other travel videos in full screen near-DVD quality, slideshows & more, all with NO ADS, at jpmeyer.com. Mountain Travel Sobek (MTSobek.com) pioneered small group adventure travel in 1969. More than 100 adventure travel destinations, worldwide. Visit RomanoTravelOnline.com to arrange this adventure, or any of your other full service travel agent needs.

By John 1124 days ago on Jet Setting
Popularity Views: 1,973
Tags: travel, galapagos, islands, first, church,
Enough About Me Tell Me About You
A first date gets a little weird. Check Out More Free Videos, Pics, Audio, Text & Games at www.freakhole.com or at our myspace account www.myspace.com/fr3akhole

By freak1 1140 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
Popularity Views: 1,596
Tags: funny, conversation, irk, irritated, date, first date
First Love
A Harry/Cho vid

By Sarah 1147 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 2,472
Tags: harry, potter, cho, chang, first, love
First Date Kiss- Should You Do It?
http://www.chickmagnet101.com Guys wonder if they should go for the first kiss on a first date. The interesting thing is there are a lot of factors that affect this decision. In this video, you?ll learn how to look for specific signs of attraction and how they?ll affect your attempt at a first date kiss.

By Scott 1155 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 2,200
Tags: first, date, dating, kiss, kissing, women
Lyndons First year
Lyndon Glovers First year

By Patty 1185 days ago on Uterine Kin
Popularity Views: 1,678
My First Video Blog
My First Video Blog

By Alexandra 1187 days ago on Dear Diary
Popularity Views: 1,867
Tags: first, blog,
Kwari Tooth fairy

By Kwari 1189 days ago on Gaming
Popularity Views: 1,867
Tags: kwari, game, gaming, online, tooth, fairy
Alien arena 2007 v6.10 gameplay - Free FPS game!
Alien arena 2007 v6.10 gameplay - Freeware/open sourced first person shooter game! get it at http://red.planetarena.org

By shawn 1189 days ago on Gaming
Popularity Views: 1,719
Tags: alien arena, 2007, gameplay, freeware, open sourced, first person
Red vs Blue - Episode 1

By DT Souless 1217 days ago on Gaming
Popularity Views: 1,545
1st Trimester
If you just found out that you're pregnant, congratulations! You are now in the beginning stages of a whole process of physical and mental changes. If you're not sure what to expect from your first trimester, all the answers and advice you need are available at Pregnancy-Info.net

By pregnancyinfo 1218 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 1,897
Tags: teen pregnancy, teenage, pregnant, young mother, condom, birth control
Me singing:The First Time I Saw Your Face:by Roberta Flack

By walter 1229 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 1,486
Tags: first, time, saw, your, face,
Russia's First Dog, Koni & His Family
Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants - Episode 323, Russia's First Dog, Koni & His Family, Air date: August 3, 2007 (AW - 20070803)

By Supreme Master 1231 days ago on Creatures & Critters
Popularity Views: 1,453
Tags: suprememastertv, russia, first dog, koni, animal, world
What are the Perfect First Date Gift Ideas
http://www.chickmagnet101.com A lot of guys wonder what is the best first date gift to get for a woman. But the most important question is should you buy present for a girl on your first date? In this video, I answer this question and explain why you should NOT buy a gift on your initial date.

By Scott 1236 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 1,529
Tags: attraction, attract, female, women, woman, first
From First to Last-Ride The Wings Of Pestilence
one of my fav's

By The Ugly Kid 1247 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 1,558
Tags: from, first, to, last, ride, the
How To Market With Video | Marketing Strategies
http://www.video-post-marketing.com Hello, How To Market With Video | Marketing Strategies I have been working online since 1995. In all the years I have been marketing online I have never thought that getting first page search engine ranking would be so easy. I came across this website about 6 months ago about marketing online with free video hosting sites. My first thought was I don't know how to make a video and I don't have any type of camera's either. But I kept reading and I am glad a did. I have been getting first page results with video marketing for the last 6 months. The best part was I did not need to have any type of special equipment. I had create my first video within 1 hour of getting this video posting service. Here is a little test that I started June 25th. 2007. I found a affiliate product online the 25th and create a free blog. This blog was not advertised any place, only with video's I submitted June 27th. 2007. It took me a little under two hours to create a video and submit it 6 times with 6 different keywords. When you post your video with software that sends it to 38 free video hosting sites this is what happens. 6 x 38 = 228 that is how many free video hosting sites I posted my video to. Plus 12 public social book marking sites. 12 x 6 = 72 now add 72 + 228 = 300 posting. That landed me first page results within 10 hours. I submitted the same video 6 time with different keywords and this was my results. 1st. Keyword submitted 6-27. first page 10 hrs. 2nd. Keyword submitted 6-27. first page 10 hrs. 3rd. Keyword submitted 6-27 first page in 28 hrs. 4th. Keyword submitted 6-27 second Page in 40 hrs. 5th. Keyword submitted 6-27 First Page in 47 hrs. 6th. Keyword submitted 6-27 Found it on the 14th page in 47 hours. Found it on the 4th page under video search. No big deal I will just create a few more video's and post them with the 6th keyword and have first or second page ranking within 48 hours. Do you think I could have posted that many times with out the template that this video posting company offers. I know for a fact I can't. Try to post a video at youtube and see how long that is going to take you. Speaking of youtube. Did you know Google purchased them for 1.6 billion dollars in 2006. A company that had 28 employees and under two years old. Why, Because video is the future of the internet and goolge has seen that. Creating video is easy when learning with video. This is my #1 way to market anything online. Just think about what I said. I found a product, built a web blog and advertised with only video's and had first page ranking in google in 10 hours with 2 keywords. That is a new blog with no pr ranking. No back links and no advertising except for video. http://www.video-post-marketing.com Corey Hoffman

By Corey 1259 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 1,796
Tags: market, video, marketing, strategies,

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