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Enema or Friend. A tale of a Maui Colon
Do we have to talk about it? If you?re a typical American, your colon is probably the most neglected organ in your entire body. But did you know that it?s the most vital in terms of your overall health? Why do we neglect our colons? Because, for obvious reasons, colon health is a subject none of us wants to talk about in ?polite conversation.? Out of sight, out of mind. What if I told you that a clogged colon is quite possibly robbing you of the energy, vitality and peace of mind that you deserve? ?I?m not constipated!? You might say: ?What?s the big deal?? My colon must not be clogged because I have normal bowel movements.Well, you may be shocked to learn that the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago performed autopsies on 300 bodies1. According to the histories of the deceased, 285 of them claimed that they were not constipated and had ?normal? bowel movements. What the autopsies revealed absolutely amazed the examiners: 95% of the bodies examined were constipated! Some of the bodies were found to have colons bloated up to 12 inches in diameter (a normal colon is 2-3 inches in diameter) and were encrusted with a long-term buildup of toxic material.The ?Serial Killer? ? In the United States, 1 out of every 17 Americans will develop colorectal cancer Deaths from colorectal cancer rank third after lung and prostate cancer for menand after lung and breast cancer for women. ? Most colon cancers are tumors that develop from the glands lining the colon?s inner wall.According to research conducted by Dr. Denis P. Burkitt, M.D.3, the length of time foodwastes remain in the bowel determines: ? How putrefactive (decayed or rotten) they become inside you ? How much fat is absorbed through your bowel wall (including unhealthy cholesterol)? What sort of toxins develop in and pass through your bowelDr. Burkitt clearly linked how people with rapid bowel transit times (associated with clean, constipation-free colons) have dramatically fewer incidences of colon disease,including colon cancer.Your 3 Point Checkup Did you know that you?re quite possibly being poisoned by your own body? Most people have no clue as to why they?re experiencing all too common health issues that can be a direct result of inadequate digestion and elimination.Could this be happening to you? Here?s a quick 3 question test that can help you find out:1. Do you frequently feel sluggish, tired or lethargic? ____ Yes ____ No 2. Do you have arthritis or experience frequent body aches and pains, including headaches? ____ Yes ____ No 3. Are you experiencing constipation, diarrhea or irregular bowel movements? ____ Yes ____ No If you answered ?Yes? to any of the 3 questions, you could be heading for disaster. What do you do? For starters, you should ?clean yourself out? as soon as possible! Proper cleansing of the colon can loosen and remove years of the toxic buildup that couldbe caked on your colon?s inner wall (which is exactly where most colon cancers develop). Please come see us in Maui, Hawaii. Go to www.VolcanoHealing.com

By captainColon 135 days ago on Get Smart
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Tags: colon, surgery, cancer, therapy, treatment, alternative
Denis Leary Returns To The Opie and Anthony Show
Actor/Comedian Denis Leary, star of multiple films and now 'Rescue Me' returns to the Opie and Anthony show, along with co-star (and our pal) Adam Ferrara to discuss his career, his comedy, and of course...gay porn.

By Steve 146 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
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Tags: opie, anthony, foundry, foundrymusic, denis, leary
Electrohypersensitivity because of cell phone radiation and wirless technology
http://www.Cellphonelies.com Electrohypersensitivity: Observations in the Human Skin of a Physical Impairment by Olle Johansson, associate professor The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute 171 77 Stockholm Sweden. An ever increasing number of studies have clearly shown various biological effects at the cellular level of electromagnetic fields, including powerfrequency and radiofrequency ones as well as microwaves. Such electromagnetic fields are present in your everyday life, at the workplace, in your home and at places of leisure. Recently, a new category of persons with a physical impairment (electrohypersensitivity; EHS) has been described in the literature, namely those that claim to suffer from subjective and objective skin- and mucosa-related symptoms, such as itch, smarting, pain, heat sensation, redness, papules, pustules, etc., after exposure to visual display terminals (VDTs), mobile phones, DECT telephones, as well as other electromagnetic devices. Frequently, symptoms from internal organ systems, such as the heart and the central nervous system, are also encountered. Persons claiming such adverse skin reactions after having been exposed to computer screens or mobile phones very well could be reacting in a highly specific way and with a completely correct avoidance reaction, especially if the provocative agent was radiation and/or chemical emissions -- just as you would do if you had been exposed to e.g. sun rays, X-rays, radioactivity or chemical odours. The working hypothesis, thus, early became that they react in a cellularly correct way to the electromagnetic radiation, maybe in concert with chemical emissions such as plastic components, flame retardants, etc., something later focussed upon by Professor Denis L. Henshaw and his collaborators at Bristol University [This is also covered in great depth in Gunni Nordstr?m's new book "The Invisible Disease - The Dangers of Environmental Illnesses caused by Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Emissions" (O Books, 2004, ISBN 1-903816-71-8).] Very soon, however, from different clinical colleagues, and in parallel to the above, a large number of other 'explanations' became fashionable, e.g. that the persons claiming EHS only were imagining this, or they were suffering from post-menopausal psychological abberations, or they were old, or having a short school education, or were the victims of classical Pavlovian conditioning or a journalist-driven mass media psychosis. Strangely enough, most of the, often self-made, 'experts' who proposed these explanations had themselves never met anyone claiming EHS and these 'experts' had never done any investigations of the proposed explanatory models. The aim of our own studies has been to investigate possible alterations, in the cellular and neuronal systems of these persons' skin. As controls, age- and sex-matched persons without any subjective or clinical symptoms or dermatological history, have served. Immunohistochemistry using antisera to the previously characterized marker substances of interest has been utilized. Among many discoveries, the following may be mentioned: We have investigated the presence of intraepidermal nerve fibers in normal human skin from healthy volunteers using the new marker PGP 9.5 (Wang et al., 1990; Hilliges et al., 1995; Johansson et al. 1999). The intraepidermal nerve fibers are found as close as 20-40 ?m from the surface, which makes it highly possible that weak electromagnetic fields may affect them. In facial skin samples of electrohypersensitive persons, the most common finding is a profound increase of mast cells. Nowadays we do not only use histamine, but also other mast cell markers such as chymase and tryptase, but the pattern is still the same as reported previously for other electrohypersensitive persons (Johansson and Liu, 1995). From these studies, it is clear that the number of mast cells in the upper dermis is increased in the EHS group. A different pattern of mast cell distribution also occurred in the EHS group, namely, the normally empty zone between the dermo-epidermal junction and mid-to-upper dermis disappeared in the EHS group and, instead, this zone had a high density of mast cell infiltration. These cells also seemed to have a tendency to migrate towards the epidermis (=epidermiotrophism) and many of them emptied their granular content (=degranulation) in the dermal papillary layer. Furthermore, more degranulated mast cells could be seen in the dermal reticular layer in the EHS group, especially in those cases which had the mast cell epidermiotrophism phenomenon described above. Finally, in the EHS group, the cytoplasmic granules were more densely distributed and more strongly stained than in the control group, and, generally, the size of the infiltrating mast cells was found to be larger in the EHS group as well. It should be noted, that increases of similar nature later on were demonstrated in an experimental situation employing normal healthy volunteers in front of visual display units, including ordinary house-hold television sets (Johansson et al., 2001). http://www.Cellphonelies.com

By Paul 157 days ago on Biz/Ads
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Tags: cell, phone, iphone, health, emf, radiation
If You Cant Change Your Friends... Change Your Friends!!!
Ryan Celestain http://www.RyanCelestain.com 918-948-7117 Being in the home based industry for some time now I know first hand the power of personal development And I have witnessed its power first hand with myself as well as our team This happened because someone introduced me to the idea of "Working harder on yourself that you do on your job" I developed a passion for personal development /personal growth books. Over the years I have been able to get a wealth of information from the personal development industry. Some of the greats are... Denis Waitley Chris Widener Ron White Connie Podesta Vic Johnson Jerry Clark Tony Alessandra Gary Eby Brian Tracy Jeffrey Combs Nido Qubein Robert Helms Loral Langemeier Tony Jeary Lisa Jimenez Tom Hopkins John Maxwell Bob Proctor Bob Burg Patricia Fripp Jeffrey Gitomer Doug Firebaugh Mark Victor Hansen Zig Ziglar Charlie "Tremendous" Jones But there is one that does it for me every time and that is Jim Rohn Jim has a way of captivating me with every resources he uses. Whether is through an audio training cd, a book, even a dvd I just sit there in awe and try to take in as much as possible Jim teaching style is second to none. He locks you in and you can get out till its over lol He is so simplistic yet so profound and has a way to relate to anyone that is listening If you haven't had a chance to hear him look for his material its totally worth it! I have worked with some of the top leaders in this industry and one of the major secrets to success and mine as well is Personal Development Here are some companies that use this secret as well Pre-paid Legal, Agel, CAN, YTB, SGR, fhtm, zrii, 5linx, quixtar, isagenix, uvme, xango, noni, mona vie, vemma, costal, vm direct, If you are in business for yourself, network marketing, MLM, Home based business, multi-level marketing, direct sales or you just want to be a better person Personal development is the way to go Here are what some others are saying about Jim Vic Conant "Jim Rohn is a national treasure and one of the most sought-after success experts ever. Why? Because his ideas work. They have worked so well that nearly an entire generation of personal development trainers claim Jim as a mentor or a key influence." Les Brown "I've been a student of Jim Rohn since 1972. He was then and still is one of the most profound thinkers and mind-expanding individuals I've ever had a chance to listen to." Harvey Mackay "Jim Rohn is one of the most articulate, powerful, thought-provoking speakers I've seen. His unique delivery and style puts him head and shoulders above the rest." Tom Hopkins "Jim is a modern day Will Rogers. His perceptions of achievement and success have launched thousands of people on a wonderful, life-changing voyage into success and happiness. I can't recommend too strongly that you experience Jim Rohn personally." Anthony Robbins "I truly believe Jim Rohn is an extraordinary human being whose philosophy can enhance the quality of life for anyone who exposes themselves to it. He certainly had a positive impact on me at a time in my life when I was first forming the philosophies that guide me today." Mark Victor Hansen "Jim Rohn is the master motivator - he has style, substance, charisma, relevance, charm, and what he says makes a difference and it sticks. I consider Jim the 'Chairman of Speakers.' The world would be a better place if everyone heard my friend, Jim Rohn." Brian Tracy "Jim Rohn is outstanding! He is among the most polished, professional speakers in America, with a message everyone should hear." Nido R. Qubein "Jim Rohn is a legend. Millions of people around the world have benefited immensely from his teachings." Danielle Kennedy "Jim Rohn helped me in risk-taking and stretching in both my personal and professional life over the last 20 years. Jim is an insightful change-maker." Roger Dawson "Jim Rohn has been my favorite speaker for many years. He has changed my life for the better and can change yours too." Tony Alessandra "Mesmerizing! I've heard Jim Rohn speak on numerous occasions and I still listen intently to every word he says. His delivery is flawless; his ideas - timeless." Don Hutson "Jim Rohn's perspective on personal development is simply unparalleled. His books and appearances have touched the lives of untold thousands, and I am pleased to include him among my most admired friends." Be sure to check Jim out he has had an amazing impact on my life! The Day that turns your life around Jim Rohn Ryan Celestain http://www.RyanCelestain.com 918-948-7117

By Ryan 242 days ago on Biz/Ads
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Tags: jim, rohn, success, secrets, loa, educational
When Was The Last Time You Did This.... Are You A Statistic?
Ryan Celestain http://www.RyanCelestain.com 918-928-7117 Growing up I hated to read. You couldn't get me to read anything lol even if my life depended on it lol But now that has changed for the good I am a student of personal development / personal growth and cant keep my hands off of this valuable information There is so much great information available some people just never take the time to read it lol I was first introduced to the home based business, mlm, network marketing, direct sales, multi level marketing, pyramid scheme, whatever you want to call it Anyway I was a broke 19 year old college student I had no clue where who or what I was going to be but I was looking for something And out of no where I saw the light lol The rest is history I have been fortunate to work and train with some of the best leaders in this industry. Internet marketing experts Business Consultants Millionaires as well as a Billionaire And the most important thing I learned Was to work harder on my self And that's what I have done I have learned from the best Denis Waitley Chris Widener Ron White Connie Podesta Vic Johnson Jerry Clark Tony Alessandra Gary Eby Brian Tracy Jeffrey Combs Nido Qubein Robert Helms Loral Langemeier Tony Jeary Lisa Jimenez Tom Hopkins John Maxwell Bob Proctor Bob Burg Patricia Fripp Jeffrey Gitomer Doug Firebaugh Mark Victor Hansen Zig Ziglar Charlie "Tremendous" Jones So whether your looking to start your own work from home business or you are already in a company such as Quixtar Xango Pre-Paid Legal Vemma ACN SGR Costal fhtm Road to Riches Vm Direct Herbal life 5linx Isagenix zrii goji ytb xooma Your success is dependent on your personal development and the books you read Never settle for anything less that what you truly desire and most importantly deserve. I got my statistics from http://www.buzzmachine.com/2006/07/21/the-book-on-books/ One-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives. ... 58% of the US adult population never reads another book after high school. 42% of college graduates never read another book. 80% of US families did not buy or read a book last year. 70% of US adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years. 57% of new books are not read to completion. Most readers do not get past page 18 in a book they have purchased.Customers 55 and older account for more than one-third of all books bought. Number of publishers 1947: 357 publishers 1973: 3,000 publishers 1980: 12,000 Publishers. The New York Times, February 23, 1981. 1994: 52,847 publishers. Books in Print. 2003: About 73,000 (plus those who publish through POD/DotCom publishers; they use the publisher's ISBN block.) 78% of the titles published come from the small/self-publishers. Most initial print runs are 5,000 copies. A larger publisher must sell 10,000 books to break even. A book must move in the stores in six weeks. On the average, a book store browser spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and 15 seconds looking at the back cover. Women buy 68% of all books. Jerold Jenkins' stats on writers: 81% of the population feels they have a book inside them. 27% would write fiction. 28% would write on personal development 27% would write history, biography, etc. 20% would do a picture book, cookbook, etc. 6 million have written a manuscript. 6 million manuscripts are making the rounds. Out of every 10,000 children's books, 3 get published. Ryan Celestain http://www.RyanCelestain.com 918-928-7117

By Ryan 242 days ago on Biz/Ads
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Tags: law, of, attraction, the, secret, eft

By Mibarrio 258 days ago on Biz/Ads
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"Can The *Secret Law of Attraction* Work For Your Life?"
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid;=181905048 Ryan Celestain Give me a call 206-202 0155 http://www.YourSecretGoldMine.com This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted. Included are; 'Miracle Man' Morris Goodman, who tells his awe inspiring story of how he recovered from paralysis by using The Secret. Dr. Denis Waitley, who used various aspects of The Secret in training Olympic athletes and Apollo astronauts to reach new heights of human endeavour. Best selling authors and philosophers including Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, James Ray and Joe Vitale, explain how they have created lives of phenomenal success utilising The Secret. Doctors in the fields of medicine and quantum physics explain the science behind The Secret. In this astonishing program are ALL the resources you will ever need to understand and live The Secret. For the first time in history, the world's leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it... Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein. Sophie Angelle Anthony Baron Lee Brower Patrick Constantine Marie Diamond Bob Doyle Napoleon Garcia Cathy Goodman John Gray Bill Harris John Jenkins Loral Langemeier Peter Lucas Michael Morley Bob Proctor David Schirmer Marci Shimoff Harry Takker Denis Waitley Neale Donald Walsch John Assaraf Dr. Reverend Michael Beckwith Jack Canfield John Demartini Mike Dooley Hale Dwoskin Mark Goldenfein Morris E. Goodman John Hagelin Esther Hicks Ben Johnson Jurgen Loos Leni Mex Lisa Nichols James Arthur Ray Jason Sheperd Peter Stefanov Joe Vitale Natalie Walker Fred Alan Wolf History of Oprah Winfrey Biography on Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey Show Oprah Winfrey Childhood Email Oprah Winfrey Timeline of Oprah Winfrey Contact Oprah Winfrey Address to Write Oprah Winfrey Mailing Address for Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey Show Tickets Bill Cosby Rosa Parks Maya Angelou Charities of Oprah Winfrey Is Oprah Winfrey Married? Oprah Winfrey Foundation Where Can I Send a Letter to Oprah Winfrey? Where Does Oprah Winfrey Live? Oprah Winfrey Billionaire Where Did Oprah Winfrey Go to College? Family of Oprah Winfrey How Tall Is Oprah Winfrey How Much Is Oprah Winfrey Worth Oprah Winfrey Quotes Oprah Winfrey Book Club Oprah Winfrey Dog How Much Money Does Oprah Winfrey Have? Harpo Studios Address Oprah Winfrey Height? Oprah Winfrey Angel Network

By Ryan 306 days ago on Biz/Ads
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Tags: the, secret, riches, visualization, law, of
Advantage Conferences Tim Darnell Podcast with Josh Peak
Advantage Conferences Tim Darnell is Interviewed by Industry Superstar Josh Peak. This interview gained much exposure, and is a must listen to. You can also get the interview at joshpeak (dot) com Bill Bartmann Dr Jeffrey Magee The Performance Magazine Anthony Robbins Robert Blackman Joe Schroeder how to be a millionaire how to become a millionaire millionaire next door secrets of the millionaire mind david bach millionaire make me a millionaire secrets of the millionare mind how to be a millionaire how to become a millionaire how to marry a millionaire millionaire mind millionaire mindset millionaire next door secrets of millionaire mind secrets of the millionaire mind the millionaire mind a millionaire mind david bach millionaire harv eker millionaire mind make me a millionaire millionaire mind book millionaire mind intensive millionaire mind seminar millionaire mind set millionaire minds millionaire's mind millionaires mind millionare mind mind of a millionaire secrets of a millionaire mind eker millionaire mind millionaire mind evening millionaire mind set collection millionnaire mind T. Harv Eker t harv eker t harv ecker eker millionaire mind law of attraction laws of attraction rules of attraction the rules of attraction laws of attraction movie rules of attraction book rules of attraction movie rules of attraction music rules of attraction soundtrack rules of attraction trailer rules of attraction video the law of attraction the laws of attraction the rules of attraction movie the rules of attraction soundtrack universal law of attraction jessica biel rules of attraction laws of attraction cast laws of attraction quotes laws of attraction soundtrack learn law of attraction quotes from rules of attraction rules of attraction bret easton ellis rules of attraction cast rules of attraction clips rules of attraction novel rules of attraction poster rules of attraction quote rules of attraction quotes rules of attraction screenplay rules of attraction script rules of attraction sex rules of attraction song rules of attraction sound track rules of attraction soundtrack lyrics rules of attraction victor rules of attractions secret law of attraction shannyn sossamon rules of attraction the rules of attraction book the rules of attraction quotes the rules of attraction script the secret law of attraction bob proctor bob procter proctor r robert proctor jack canfield farmers national bank canfield jack canfield biography jack canfield success by jack canfield canfield local schools john assaraf David Schirmer MARIE DIAMOND DR. JOHN F. DEMARTINI D.C. BSC MIKE DOOLEY FRED ALAN WOLF PH.D. BILL HARRIS JAMES ARTHUR RAY MARCI SHIMOFF MBA LISA NICHOLS MORRIS GOODMAN NEALE DONALD WALSCH JOHN GRAY PH.D. DR. DENIS WAITLEY PH.D LORAL LANGEMEIER BOB DOYLE JACK CANFIELD DR. JOE VITALE MSC.D. MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH HALE DWOSKIN DR. BEN JOHNSON M.D. N.M.D. D.O. JOHN HAGELIN, PH.D. LEE BROWER millionaire the millionaire wants millionaire who millionaire who wants to a millionaire who wants to be a millionaire abc millionaire automatic millionaire become a millionaire become millionaire bill gates net worth cash money millionaires david bach enlightened millionaire finish rich how to be a millionaire how to become a millionaire how to marry a millionaire internet millionaire marry a millionaire millionaire club millionaire com millionaire dating millionaire download millionaire game millionaire games millionaire homeowner millionaire match millionaire mindset millionaire mindset collection millionaire next door millionaire online millionaire online game millionaire powerpoint millionaire questions millionaire real estate millionaire show

By Josh 315 days ago on Biz/Ads
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Tags: joe schroeder, tim darnell, jack weinzierl, josh peak, liberty league,
Denis Kang vs Murilo Rua..
Bushido 11

By esteban 695 days ago on Kicking & Screaming
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Denis Leary - Asshole

By Moe 732 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
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Tags: denis leary, asshole,
Congratulations Dennis; yes you are.

By Tony 813 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
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Tags: asshole, denis leary,
Im an Asshole

By Dylan 820 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
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Tags: denis leary

By Denis 820 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
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Tags: denis
Assassins @ TheTony Awards

By catherine 837 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
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Tags: assassins, tonys, the tony awards, denis o'hare,

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