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Cotton Videos

Watch free, streaming cotton videos, and download your favorites or post the video codes to your website!

Free streaming videos that you can watch, download, or post codes to embed on your site! Upload your streaming video, or download your favorites and grab video codes to post on your website.

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Hot Halloween Costume
If you cover yourself in cotton balls, you should probably avoid fire.

By tina 173 days ago on Extreme & Outrageous
Popularity Views: 1,074
Tags: cotton, fire, burning, extreme, pain,
The Touch, The Feel Of Cotton...Cotton Incorporated Brings Back Familiar Tag Line
Cotton Incorporated announced the timely return of an American favorite: the touch the feel of cotton, THE FABRIC OF OUR LIVES®. The familiar words and music, the hallmark of the company's television campaign for nearly fifteen years, is being brought back as part of a larger marketing initiative that presents cotton as a natural choice. The commercial, as well as television and Internet billboards, will conclude with a variation of the well-known Seal of Cotton trademark that includes the addition of the word "Natural." "Our research shows that there is considerable confusion in consumer minds surrounding green marketing," says Cotton Incorporated President and Chief Executive Officer J. Berrye Worsham. "The introduction of the Natural™ trademark in conjunction with the now-iconic THE FABRIC OF OUR LIVES words and music, reminds consumers that cotton is, indeed, natural and an ideal choice for the environmentally-minded consumer."

By bev 180 days ago on Dear Diary
Popularity Views: 206
Tags: cotton, natural, cottoninc.com, multivu 30164
Cotton Ball Terror
brideofvoldemort, Comedy

By Angel 189 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
Popularity Views: 752
Tags: cotton, terror, woman, comedy, funny,
Rolex Masterpiece & Others Black Dial Bezel White Dot Steel Oyster Replica Collection
This is my own Rolex Masterpiece & Others watch collection. For inquiries regarding quotation, additional pictures and further details, please see ABOUT ME, or visit freereplica.com or freereplica.net. Or send us an email freereplica@gmail.com. Thank you!

By Free Replica 204 days ago on Hippie Haven
Popularity Views: 254
Tags: rolex, clothes, computer, conversse, shoes
A.Lange & Sohne White Dial Numeral Chrono Black Leather Bracelet Oyster Replica Collection
This is my own A.Lange & Sohne watch collection. For inquiries regarding quotation, additional pictures and further details, please see ABOUT ME, or visit freereplica.com or freereplica.net. Or send us an email freereplica@gmail.com. Thank you!

By Free Replica 239 days ago on Extreme & Outrageous
Popularity Views: 229
Tags: a.lange & sohne, clothes, computer, conversse shoes, cotton, cream
steam pumps
exhibition of very old working steam pumps they were used to power the cotton mills of manchester in the 1900s

By lester 343 days ago on Vehicular Euphoria
Popularity Views: 231
Tags: manchester
David Gaede's Stormchase 4/21/07 Southwest of Plainview, Tx

By David 356 days ago on Hippie Haven
Popularity Views: 394
Tags: tx april 21, 2007,
Orphaned Baby Cotton Tail's
There were 7 three days ago. But we checked today and only 2 remained a live. 2 were gone, 3 where dead and torn up... :( My mission is to keep these alive and return them to the wild. No names, very young, high mortality.

By Carlyn 387 days ago on Creatures & Critters
Popularity Views: 406
Tags: bunnies, rabbits, babies, wild, cotton tail, cotton
BASF and Monsanto Announce R&D; and Commercialization Collaboration Agreement in Plant Biotechnology
AGREEMENT AIMED AT DEVELOPING HIGHER-YIELDING CROPS THAT ARE MORE TOLERANT TO ADVERSE ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS BASF and Monsanto Company have announced a long-term joint research and development (R&D;) and commercialization collaboration in plant biotechnology that will focus on the development of high yielding crops and crops that are more tolerant to adverse environmental conditions such as drought. The companies will dedicate a joint budget of potentially $1.5 billion to fund a dedicated pipeline of yield and stress tolerance traits for corn, soybeans, cotton and canola. Under this collaboration: Each company will maintain independent trait discovery programs. · Each company will nominate specific candidate genes and the most promising candidates will be advanced for accelerated joint development and for commercialization in the Monsanto pipeline. · The two companies expect to generate a greater number of viable research projects than they could have done on their own, accelerate the development of new products, and bring a greater number of traits to the market at a faster speed. · The nominated projects will be jointly funded at a 50-50 cost sharing through each phase of development as the candidate gene works its way toward commercial status. · Products that emerge from the joint development will be commercialized by Monsanto. The companies have agreed to share profits associated with commercialized products, with Monsanto receiving 60 percent of net profits and BASF receiving 40 percent of net profits. For more information, please visit: www.basf.com or www.monsanto.com

By bev 397 days ago on Dear Diary
Popularity Views: 400
Tags: basf, monsanto, biotechnology, www.basf.com, multivu 27440
sexy cotton panties
skinny voyeur notices the cam and gets even hornier

By Sam 564 days ago on Sinful Sirens
Popularity Views: 12,318
Tags: cam, webcam, strip, stripper, thong, panties
Meet and Greet with Kelly Clarkson
Me meeting Kelly Clarkson after her show in Chicago on 7-22-06 Transcript: Me - Hi how are you? Kelly - Good how are you? (I hand her a bag of cotton candy, which she loves)Ooh thank you! You come bearing gifts! I love the red! (touches my hair, I about die!) Me - Oh thank you! Kelly - I can't keep it in my hair... Me - Yeah I have to do it every couple months. Kelly - Yeah. Me - So I don't know if you remember but I met you last year at the Opry House and...(I turn around and show her my KC tattoo) Kelly - Oh yeah! (her voice squealed on yeah lol) you have the tattoo! I remember...I love that! Me - So I did Kellyoke tonight to meet you and made a fool of myself! Kelly - Oh that's awesome, what did you sing? (I had to think for a minute just to remember at that moment lol) Me - Um, Walk Away, Miss Independant and Since U Been Gone. Kelly nods and kind of whispers "awesome" while I'm talking. Jenny Rae - She rocked! (haha, thanks girl!) Kelly - Cool! Alright...let's take a picture! Me - Can we do rock on? Kelly - Oh yeah, you wanna do it? Tim takes the picture and they try to get me to leave, but I started talking to Kelly again right away to avoid being kicked out after 30 seconds... Kelly - Cool Me - Thank you so much! Kelly - Of coarse! Me - You guys did great tonight...Maybe is the most amazing song I've ever heard! Kelly - Oh thank you! That's my favorite one! At this point they are literally leading me away, so I just say, "I hope you feel better, great show!" as I'm walking away and she says, "aww, thanks!" (she was a bit hoarse that night and called it one of her Janis Joplin shows lol!)

By Jackie 637 days ago on The Real World
Popularity Views: 911
Tags: kelly clarkson
Cotton Eye Joe
Add it 2 your fav's...

By Francisco 847 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 827
David Cottons Christmas Adventure
This is a film about a boy called david cotton at christmas. No one likes him. there is a twist at the end which is both twisted and hilarious. GO TO WWW.FUNPEDDLER.CO.UK FOR THE REST OF MY FILMS.

By Sanjay 848 days ago on Indie Flicks
Popularity Views: 602
Thats got to hurt!!
Get in the damm cage!! Oh shit! I thought I was in charge here? Damm this pavment should really be made of cotton!!! LOL

By Patrick 850 days ago on Creatures & Critters
Popularity Views: 184
Cotton Eyed Joe

By Katie 862 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
Popularity Views: 413
Tags: dancing
cotton bud

By Gabriel 877 days ago on Drawn Forces
Popularity Views: 538
Tags: angry kid, cotton bud,
Awaiting the End- Living Our Lives on a Cotton Tee
Awaiting the End live

By cameron 937 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 166

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