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Coin History
Coin Collecting is a great hobby to help keep your kids from the problems that come with sex and drugs. Our site, www.FastCoin.Com has all of the best coins at the lowest prices. These are some of the recommended coins to purchase; Lincoln Cents: I like the 1924-D in Fine and VERY Fine. Buffalo Nickels: I like the 1915-S and the 1917-S in VG, Fine and VF. Jefferson Nickels: Try to fine some Circulated 1950-D Nickels. Mercury Dimes: Three that I like in Circulated Condition are the 1919-S, 1926-S and the 1931-D. Liberty Standing Quarters: I like the 1927-S in Fine and VERY FINE.

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Video posted by Joel 630 days ago.
332 views on  Biz/Ads
tags: coin history numismatics , sex , drugs , retired , grandparents
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