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the misfits-scream

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Video posted by angel 1748 days ago.
12418 views on  Tune in, Turn up!
tags: the misfits horror , punk , horror punk , gore , scream
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07/18/2010 05 28 PM PST

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07/11/2009 10 24 AM PST

Great video
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06/14/2009 11 17 PM PST

Great video
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02/17/2006 10 18 PM PST

Rating Given:
02/04/2006 03 02 PM PST

one of the best songs to come off the album Famous Monsters
classic Misfits are good too Legacy of Brutality but all and all Misfits kick ass!

Rating Given:
01/15/2006 09 48 PM PST

Rating Given:
01/08/2006 02 50 PM PST   mood:

gotta love the misfits, but cant beat the days of glenn danzig...static age gotta b the best album. Wicked that George Romero directed the vid, I met him in November last year, i'll post the pic

Rating Given:
01/05/2006 02 24 PM PST

Good Choice In Music

Rating Given:

Found: 8 comments Page 1 of 1

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