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Living 4 Jesus Christ Club URL: http://living4jesuschrist.vidilife.com
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Founded: May 02, 2006
Category: Religion & Beliefs
Type: Public Membership
" This group is for people who love Jesus Christ and would like to talk with others who do. It is also used to talk about our walk with Christ all questions are welcome. It is also open to anyone who is not 100% sure about GOD, You are welcome to come in if you have a question and want an answer that is biblical. THE RULES 1. ***Photos or posts may not contain nudity, violent or offensive material, or copyrighted images. If you violate these terms your account will be deleted from the group/club*** 2.***DO NOT SPAM (see below)*** - Do not put up "add me please" posts - Do not post the same topic more than once - Do not post "make money fast" gimmicks - Please look through a few pages before you post a general idea topic. It could have been posted recently, and could be viewed as spam. 3. *** Debating is ok, but stay away from cursing, bashing, name calling etc.*** If this happens please send me a message and I will remove the person! 4. This group/club is for Christians but if you can't follow these rules no matter who you are, YOU will be banned for the sake of the rest of the people in the group looking for a group/club for of christians Living for Jesus Christ! This group/club was made because I felt that there is a need for a group/club for Christians only. I will try to enforce them(the rules) as much as I can. The reason this is not a public group is because I found that many people come to clubs/groups and mess with people. Last thing I will look at your site to see if anything on it is not something a Christian should have if so you will not get in! sorry. "
" Jesus is The Reason... "

Members: 5
Photos: 4
Videos: 0
Page Views: 107
Founder: Nicky

 Club Members

10/18/2006 11:32 AM
South Africa

09/04/2006 05:22 AM
United States
North Carolina-Greensboro

09/03/2006 08:24 PM
United States
Georgia-Atlanta North

08/19/2006 08:48 AM
United States
California-San Francisco

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added by Nicky
05/02/2006 02:19 AM
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added by Nicky
05/02/2006 02:17 AM
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added by Nicky
05/02/2006 02:14 AM
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added by Nicky
05/02/2006 02:12 AM
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Welcome to All

Started by: Nicky on 05/02/2006 01:36 AM
Responses: 1
Views: 7
05/02/2006 01:36 AM
( 3 Posts )

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