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    URL: http://Crazy_Gay_Frog.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 8666    Last Viewed: Feb 27-2010 08:23 PM

    " Once Upon A Time..... "

    45 years old male living in France.
    ( Zodiac: Virgo - Chinese Zodiac: Dragon - BirthStone: Sapphire )

    vidiLifer Since: Jul 10-2006 02:46 AM   Last Active: Nov 18-2006 07:42 AM

    About Me:
    totally gay but have compassion for straight people

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    Past people are Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Kaiserin Elisabeth Wittelsbach-Habsbourg "Sisi" & her son Rodolph, Ludwig II Koenig von Bayern, Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Nicolas II & family, Oscar Wilde, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, .... Nowadays people are Madonna, Kylie Minogue & sister Dannii, Céline Dion, Mylène Farmer (french singer, gay icon), Joan Collins, Actors from series LOST....

    Music (Dance - Disco from 70's & 80's - French Songs...), Astrology, Walking in Nature

    Sci Fi Horror Fantastic Thrillers.........and Comedy , Musicals

    Lot of things cannot all write about

    Da Vinci Code, Lord of Rings, Series of Book about Discworld

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Music, Conversations and Someone to Love


    Sexy Girl on the Beach
    Abandon the Ship
    I love your Sister
    Don't Forget a Day
    Whitehouse Rap


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