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    URL: http://haynspika.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 166    Last Viewed: Jan 07-2010 11:59 PM
    " LUCKY 7 "

    26 years old male living in Hawaii-Hawaii, United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Sagittarius - Chinese Zodiac: Pig - BirthStone: Turquoise )

    vidiLifer Since: Apr 24-2006 08:14 PM   Last Active: Jun 07-2006 09:39 PM

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    The kind of people that I would like to meet would have to be??? anyone....Im pretty much up for meeting new people no matter where or what the occasion.

    Having family time, chillin with friends, playing beach volleyball, going to the movies, what ever can get the blood flowin...

    to many to handle.

    The news!!! you never know who your gunna see on cops!!!

    All types of books especially car magazines, i like to look at cars that I cant afford...Nah im jokin', but seriously!!!

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Friends, knowledge, and family

    Hello everyone my name is Al and im from the Island of O'ahu Hawaii and im one whos up for anything that has the word exciting at the end of it...Im currently attending Graceland University in Iowa, which is in the middle of nowhere but I like the small town, small school interaction that I recieve.  I im on the Mens varsity volleyball team, and Basketabll team all my life ive played dual sports, i guess you could say that it keeps me out of trouble. Im really a chill guy thats up for anything, I love to surf and spend time with the family, go out and party, chill with friends, and just kick back and watch tv..eveyone needs alone time...well if theres anything else you would like to know bout me just give me a holla and I would answer it to best of my ability...alright then payce out and have a good one..... 







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