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    Adrenalin junky
    URL: http://chardfen.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 1003    Last Viewed: Jan 03-2010 02:59 AM

    " If it doesnt pump up your adrenaline its not worth doing and If It doesn't kill you Do it till it does "

    39 years old male living in Connecticut-New Haven, United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Virgo - Chinese Zodiac: Dog - BirthStone: Sapphire )

    vidiLifer Since: Oct 31-2005 12:39 PM   Last Active: Mar 24-2009 06:15 AM

    About Me:
    I'm real!Don't like posers,hate idiots and I say it like i see it.I'm your best most loyal friend and your worst F@*!#!! nightmare enemy.If you dont like me I DONT CARE I probably dont like you either so neither of us has lost a thing,I like doing physical things,full contact martial arts,rock climbing sky diving,sex,I often go running for no particular reason,impulsive and reckless.I love the sky,i like to lay in my yard on my back in the grass and look at the stars,ponder the universe so to speak.I like to walk in the woods at night when its pitch black the moon covered by clouds just to see if I will get lost.Not religious not anti religious,cant stand labels---agnostic--atheist---secular-- !!Bullshit!!Just havent got it figured out yet,may never.Ive got two kids charles 8 michaela 7.they are the loves of my life and I'm their Hero least thats what they tell me.I have a cat (at the urging/begging of my daughter)IT HATES ME,dont understand cats,oh wait I do they are just like me -fiercely independent,agile stubborn and only like for certain people to touch them,O.K. I get it.Well I like people(unless I hate you)So feel free to write...shout...shoot bullets.....what ever makes you wet..................PEACE...............AND WAR>>

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    Jim morrison,steve irwin,Kermit the frog,Leonardo DaVinci

    Mixed martial arts,full contact fighting,rodeo,ANYTHING DANGEROUS,I go fishing alot!!I hunt but rarely kill anything,I've died and been resuscitated(that was interesting,but not one of my interests)I enjoy getting stitches (had over 200)NURSES ARE GREAT!!!

    Lord of the rings,AvsP,matrix,lethal weapon-all of em,blue crush,shawshank redemption,grand canyon,Lorenzos oil,Blow,

    C.S.I,TNN,discovery channel,History channel

    anything by stephen king or deane koontz,Isaac Asimovs the universe,websters dictionary,

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Adrenaline,oreos,sam adams,sex,Stitches,E.R.s,coffee,ok it said three but I usually have all of these at the same time so they really only count as one

     Games Played

    Black Jack
    Played On: Jul 18, 2007
    Video Poker
    Played On: Jul 18, 2007


    On a roll
    hunter is hunted










    Marie is obsessed

    Lauren is a college bum


    Hayle is just fine

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    Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics

    04/02/2008 (09:20 PM)

    Myspace Codes: MyNiceSpace.com

    Check Out Blinkyou.com for thousands of custom glitters and layouts
    09/23/2006 (08:37 AM)

    01/16/2006 (03:15 PM)
    thanks for the comment on my picture ... it's actually a sloppy sketch of myself that i drew from a photo ... lol ... but thank you for the compliment! sa*
    01/05/2006 (02:51 PM)
    Oh Charles, I missed you soooooo much. How's the New Year treatin' you buddy?????
    01/05/2006 (12:03 PM)

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