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    URL: http://ScornfulMischief.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 183    Last Viewed: Dec 10-2008 08:02 PM
    " John's Personality Junk "

    20 years old male living in Missouri-Northeastern, United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Capricorn - Chinese Zodiac: Dragon - BirthStone: Turquoise )

    vidiLifer Since: Jan 19-2006 01:36 PM   Last Active:

    About Me:
    I'm a laid back guy. If we were to meet you'd probably think I'm shy at first, but after a little while we'd be having fun and partying. That's just the kind of guy I am I like to have fun. My friends look up to me because I'm crazy (In a good way), I'm a big risk taker.

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    Girls in the St.Charles County (Missouri) Area, and friends to have good times with.

    Partying, Weightlifting, Driving, Football, Guitar, Relaxing

    Anchorman, Four Brothers, Knock-Off, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Saving Private Ryan, basically anything funny or violent...

    Don't watch much T.V.,.. when I do it's sitcoms, sports, movies, Family Guy, or HomeWreckers

    Only The Strong Survive - Allen Iverson

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    -My Car (92' Pontiac Firebird) -My Guitar -My Friends PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SWEET ASS WEBSITE: http://www.geocities.com/scrnflmscf/smsmhp.html


    s.m. teaserS.S.
    sm Emmett Skating
    The Old Days of Scornful Mischief




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