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    URL: http://fierymama.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 152    Last Viewed: Jan 15-2010 08:40 PM
    31 years old female living in Illinois-Southern, United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Cancer - Chinese Zodiac: Horse - BirthStone: Ruby )

    vidiLifer Since: Aug 09-2007 06:19 PM   Last Active: Jan 21-2008 11:49 PM

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    Does this include people already passed on? If so, Elvis Presley, my maternal grandmother.

    Spending time outdoors, love hiking and taking pictures on the hike.

    Braveheart, Dirty Dancing, Last of the Mohicans, House of Wax, Exorcist, Exorcism of Emily Rose....Van Helsing, X-Men...

    Heroes, Law & Order:SVU, CSI, America's Got Talent, How Clean is Your House

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Friends, family, unconditional love


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