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    URL: http://thepickupartist.vidiLife.com
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    " the pickup artist "

    44 years old male living in United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Pisces - Chinese Zodiac: Sheep - BirthStone: Amethyst )

    vidiLifer Since: Aug 08-2007 03:03 AM   Last Active: Aug 29-2007 06:28 PM

    About Me:
    Women will often use proximity to signal their receptiveness to an approach. They may not be consciously aware mat they are doing this. Although proximity and other approach invitations are opportunities to be capitalized on, a skilled pickup-artist can consistently open sets without waiting for these signals. The 3-Second Rule states that upon entering the field, you must open a set within three seconds. Also, if you are later not in a set, and you see one, men you must open it within three seconds. Following this rule will give you more Social Proof, which affects how people respond to you. You can create negative social proof with certain behaviors. Such as: standing against the wall with your drink against your chest, standing in a group of guys, circling the venue in a predatory fashion, looking around the venue with a serious expression on your face, etc. Don't try to look 'cool' or "tough/ It's better to be comfortable and friendly. Don't drink.


    neil strauss
    mystery method seminar
    What do men want? Herb Goldberg revisits how guys approach ...
    the pick up artist


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