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    URL: http://MysteryVH1.vidiLife.com
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    " mystery method "

    36 years old male living in United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Pisces - Chinese Zodiac: Ox - BirthStone: Amethyst )

    vidiLifer Since: Aug 06-2007 12:36 PM   Last Active: Aug 29-2007 08:12 PM

    About Me:
    The idea is to get her hoping that she's good enough to qualify for you. After all, you are a high-value guy. Sure, you're curious about her, but you want to know more. Is she smart? Does she have a lot of friends? Does she have a good relationship with her family? Can she dance well? (You know what that means!) What's the most spontaneous thing she's done recently? Can she cook? You don't want it to be explicit that you are screening her. Be very subtle, and she will realize it on her own accord (instead of thinking that you are trying to make her feel screened.) Somewhere in her mind an attraction switch will flip and she'll think, "Hey, this guy is screening me to see if he wants to invest more."


    pickup 101
    mystery method venusian
    what is a good way to approach women at the mall/univeristy?



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