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    URL: http://channelzerotv.vidiLife.com
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    " ARE WE RICH YET? "

    32 years old male living in Illinois-Chicago, United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Sagittarius - Chinese Zodiac: Snake - BirthStone: Turquoise )

    vidiLifer Since: Apr 14-2007 03:33 AM   Last Active: Dec 28-2009 10:40 PM

    About Me:
    The ongoing mission of CHANNELZEROTV.COM is to showcase the talents of progressive, socially conscious, multimedia artists and provide them with the resources necessary to produce, promote, and distribute their vision to their potential audiences. Our commitment is to uphold the artistry and kinship found in the cultures of contemporary music, film, and television while seeking to take full advantage of the infinite creative possibilities available through modern internet technologies. If you have not already met us, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are known as CHANNEL ZERO STUDIOS, a small multimedia entertainment company focused on making a big difference. Hailing from the Windy City, we represent an essential and exciting new element in the entertainment industry. Independently owned and operated, we are definitively known for our flagship cable television show, CHANNEL ZERO TELEVISION. Filmed in an uncensored cinema verite' format, CHANNEL ZERO reports from various music, sports, and entertainment venues across the nation. We compile crowd footage, interviews, and live performance footage from industry celebrities as well as talent on the rise. Our intention is to act as a promotional vehicle that will also enable artists to voice concerns, raise issues, and implement ideas related to the industry. In addition to our on location interviews we scour the crowds, and with the actual audience members in attendance we discuss the latest in movies, music, fashion, art, and nightlife. The overall "effect" is not unlike a backstage pass to events that would otherwise be missed. Since our initial inception five years ago, we have broadcast weekly over COMCAST cable systems in the Chicagoland area, our viewing audience consisting of 1,000,000 plus subscribers in the city and outlying suburbs, the Los Angeles area (where we also broadcast on COMCAST cable systems to an additional 1.5 million households) as well as the New York City area (where we now broadcast via CABLEVISION, RCN, and TIME WARNER cable systems to 1.6 million subscribers). As we enter 2007, we are pleased to announce that right along with our weekly television broadcasts we also offer streaming, interactive CHANNEL ZERO video content on demand at our "official" internet website, CHANNELZEROTV.COM Furthermore, our current and future projects have also launched us into the arenas of feature film, commercial, and music video production. In order to officially re-introduce ourselves, we have tapped into the various music, television, and film industry "networks", hoping to facilitate rewarding, long-lasting relationships and generate an interest in our endeavors. In closing, we have many ideas we would like to share and gladly welcome any suggestions. Please feel free to contact us, as we are genuinely excited about collaborating with you in any of your upcoming projects, and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Making television.

    We don't discriminate.

    We watch it all, even the commercials.

    Reading is for assholes!

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Pussy, weed, and alchohol.


    Kanye West - Through The Wire
    Making of "Through The Wire"
    Slim The Mobster - Ten Gat Commandments
    Making of "Ten Gat Commandments"



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