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Date: Oct/08/2010 06:50 PM

  supra shoes San Francisco in 2010, and wireless technology companies meeting the final stage of CTIA, Nokia president and active participants in the application for software development engineers to join its Ovi mobile application store, Apple and Google singers from competitors in the recapture its market share in the United States.



 christian louboutin shoes  Nokia's software engineers in the United States progress in hiring more and more difficult. Software developers that develop applications for different operating platforms software needs to learn a new programming language, so in order to obtain high returns, they tend to focus on learning is widely used and can be profitable operating platform, which means they would choose Apple The App application of Google's Android store and market. According to market research firm's statistics, in the second quarter, Apple store offers 22,500 kinds of application software, and Nokia 6900 kinds only.



true religion outlet Nokia is now caught in an awkward circle, on the one hand, companies need more American software engineers to develop more applications to promote the new smart phone sales, on the other hand, if the U.S. can not increase sales, the company can not convince Software Engineer to join.



true religion jeans   In the past 18 months, reduced the sales of Nokia phone models, in response to the operating platform for software developers complain too much. Held in London last month, Nokia World Congress (Nokia World) conference, the company said the new family of smart phones running Symbian 3 system will be unified to reduce the complexity of software development. Meanwhile,


gucci outlet Nokia also introduced new tools to help developers freely between different operating versions, including high-end next year MeeGo operating system.

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