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Date: Oct/08/2010 06:53 PM

    coach bags  Yi Jianlian hard summer training will be rewarded, given his recent strong performance, the Wizards are considering, and his high-level contract. According to Wizards of the relevant sources, the Wizards will play and Yi Jianlian, the question about renewal, and will extend his contract before the deadline on the number one position. Accordance with the "Washington Post" reporter Michael - Lee's view, be renewed if Yi Jianlian, he will become the Wizards one of the core team building the future.


    coach brooke Yi Jianlian in the last preseason game in the Wizards played well, he played as a substitute, but often play the main performance. Wizards of the Bulls in the preseason, playing double-double performance of Yi Jianlian, who had 11 points and 10 rebounds, and also sent out three blocked shots. Yi then the Wizards game against Cleveland, and the draft pick Walter tacit understanding, the whole game with 16 points 7 rebounds 4 assists.


  shox shoes  Yi Jianlian of the strong high-level rise to the attention of the Wizards, who as early as World Championships in Turkey began to pay attention Yi. Yi Jianlian during the World Championships in Turkey, the performance of brave, he eventually played all 20 + 10 + to play the data. Although some question the two pairs of fineness Yi Jianlian, but it is undeniable that, Yi led the Chinese team exceeded expectations. This has led to high-level attention to the Wizards.


   Nike Shox R5 Shoes Yi Jianlian has been able to Wizards of the preseason and Turkey in the World Championship played well, mainly because of his hard summer training. Yi Jianlian, the Nets last season in poor performance, although he is averaging 12-point performance, but shot just 40.2%, so if he continues the performance of the new season, he will be difficult in the NBA based. So the summer of Yi Jianlian and Tactical Training Division in Las Vegas hard training, which achieved significant results, World Championship is a direct expression.


   chanel bags Yi Jianlian be renewed if the Wizards, then he is the Wizards as part of reconstruction. Since the Wizards after the death of the former owner of Pollin, the Wizards to embark on the reconstruction of the road, they have cleansed the team trio of Butler and Antawn Jamison, leaving only a large and troubled contract Arenas.


   Chanel Totes Wizards of redevelopment, the current Wall, Bu Laiqie and McGee as the cornerstone of their contract just before the finish Bu Laiqie and McKee. Yi Jianlian if the renewed contract, he will become the cornerstone of the team's build team.


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