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Date: Oct/08/2010 06:39 PM

cheap gucci shoes Am Beijing time on October 9, 2012 the third round of the European preliminaries, Germany beat Turkey 3-0 at home, Klose, respectively, into the second half of its national team on 56 balls and 57 balls, Bayern front of God are beyond the Constellation hope to become Germany's second shooter. 79 minutes, Real Madrid star Ozil Tuishe accomplishment.

cheap gucci bags Germany in the previous two rounds, respectively, and Belgium beat Azerbaijan, Turkey, in the previous game also performed very well, moon and stars Legion defeated Kazakhstan and Belgium respectively. 18 times the two sides clash in history, Germany 12 wins 3 draws, 3 losses position of absolute dominance.

gucci outlet The campaign, Germany, the single arrow discharged Klose, Schweinsteiger absent through injury, Thomas - Mueller and Ozil lead the midfield, as the defender Westermann, Bud Stewart Bell left home, Bo Aten on the bench, Noelle guarded gate. In Turkey, Hu Mats and Halil - Altintop side by side up front, Saxin and Emre midfield, Demirel guard the door.

chanel watches Germany lead in the first 42 minutes, crossing the ball right-sided closed Ram, Thomas - find the exact placement of Muller after running. Settingdown struggling to beat back the body header, Suleyman Demirel flying block a bit, the ball hit the crossbar pop, Klose header in front of point into the empty net, 1-0! This is Klose in the national team's first 56 goals, he also beyond the Lancaster Leahy, to become Germany's second shooter.

laguna beach jeans Germany in the 79th minute to seal the victory locked games, Ram front Zhise, Ozil offside, the face of attack Demirel cool Tuishe Jiangong ,2-0! Ozil after scoring not smiling, looked very calm, the Turkish fans in the stands is not polite to send the boos. Race to the first 87 minutes, Suleyman Demirel, low-level errors occur Bigfoot siege, Klose Qianchangduanqiu pole reached the restricted area, calm Tuishe the keeper, the ball between the legs from Demirel through the rolling door, 3-0! Klose scored twice in the final victory over Turkey, Germany 3 goals at home.

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