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Date: Oct/08/2010 06:09 PM

Tiffany Blue Book starting in 1845, is the first Book catalogue, which is by the talented Tiffany jewelry designer and skillful craftsman and bright new creation, showily jewelry series jewelry. Now, your Blue has become the top class gem is synonymous with the product brand, the classic pride.

Imperial Ming and qing dynasties is the worship of ancestors royal place, it is an important part of the Forbidden City, it has to have hundreds of years of history, it carries a continuation of the ancient capital of one generation, energetic and grand manner. Tiffany Blue Book in this celebration is special significance, the classical tradition brand 170 years will be presented in here dazzling!

The imperial culture and history of Tiffany outstanding tradition and the birth of New York's charm fashion, will be perfect.

Every year, close to its special Tiffany BlueBook handed down and unique masterpiece that world jewelry collectors and lovers, fashionable personage eagerly expect smitten. Generation Tiffany designers and skillful craftsman go accumulation of classical tradition, made these showily jewelry, their outstanding contributions, leading the American design also difuni becomes the world brand of top class gem.

By 2010, Tiffany Blue Book series for the first time out of your ancient legends, appear in New York, Beijing, the eastern and western culture, fashion and classical inspiration in the collision, open a beautiful dream trip.

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