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Are You a Good Flirt...?

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   Are You a Good Flirt...?
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Topic by ToyfulSweetartMavMOM started on 10/13/2006 (12:23 PM
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  Friday, October 13, 2006 (11:04 PM) by tessa

haha im too reserved doesn't know how to flirt lol..

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  Friday, October 13, 2006 (12:23 PM) by ToyfulSweetartMavMOM


Flirty Femme

You're an A+ seductress because your approach is more friendly than fatale. "A good flirt likes herself and it shows," says Peta Heskell, author of Flirt Coach. "You ask questions that allow people to open up about positive experiences, and you get a kick out of making them feel good about themselves."

Another plus: You're a pro at reading body lingo. "You sense how to use touch wisely and with whom," says Heskell. So even though you wish you could put your paws on that cute coworker or hat-wrestle a guy in a bar, you'll try a smaller move first and watch his reaction. If he flinches? No sweat. "You know that not everyone will be receptive to you, and you don't take rejection personally," says Heskell. Likewise, when you're flirting with someone who is too touchy-feely, you will gently back off so he takes the hint without getting hurt.

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