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Take the Time You Need to Cope with Your Grief

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Video posted by Randy 832 days ago.
1497 views on  Get Smart
tags: Cathy James Frank James , bereavement , coping with death , death in family , death of a child
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6 Questions to Bring Joy to Your Life
by Randy
The best way to get something is to ask for it. When seeking your God-given potential beware of negative questions. Their sole purpose is to corrupt your full potential. "Without choosing which thoughts to think, there are always going to be an abundance of negative thoughts in your life. They are like weeds, they come all by themselves and they choke out the thoughts that lead to greatness. You?ve got to start with the decision to think positive thoughts that lead to joy," says Tommy Newberry, Author of "The 4:8 Principle", Life Coach, and Founder of The 1% Club. Negative thoughts come from asking ourselves crazy questions like what?s not working in my marriage? Or, what?s wrong with this partnership? Or, where is my child deficient? Or, what is wrong with this leader (or politician or celebrity)? We get answers to whichever questions we ask ourselves. Most people feel their lives stink because they walk around asking questions like what makes my life really stink right now? Those are bad questions with negative answers. Tommy offers an easy-to-use mechanism to shift our thinking onto the joyful path. The method is very simple; it is to ask questions that force you to think in a positive manner consistent with Philippians 4:8. This "4:8 Principle" guides us to think about only that which is lovely, pure, good, wholesome, excellent, and other things worthy of praise. Here is a proactive way to replace deadly negative thoughts with vibrant positive ones, which will surely lead you to your God-given potential: 1. Ask questions that lead to positive answers. Here are a few: What are five things that I?m grateful for right now? What are five of my strengths? What are five of my best achievements? What do I really love about my wife? Who are the five people that love me the most? What?s great about where I live? 2. Train yourself so these questions become habitual. Put them where you see them often. Make up note cards and carry them with you. Make a screen saver for your computer. Make a poster for your exercise area. Do whatever you have to do to keep the right questions in front of you. 3. Start the day with joy and seal the day with joy. Within 15 minutes of waking up and the last 15 minutes before you go to bed, think calm, peaceful, tranquil thoughts. You'll find that 80% of your day is shaped by these 30 minutes, so make the two most important times positive thinking time.s Try these techniques out and you'll discover the full extent of your God-given potential and attract more joy into your life. Benefit right now from more of Tommy Newberry's Bible-based Success Coaching by checking out the new release special for "The 4:8 Principle" online at: http://the48principle.com
879 day(s) ago

Learn about the Holy Grail While Exercising Your Brain
by Randy
Bet you didn't realize that when you read a mystery, your brain wakes up and begins to think. Just like exercising your body, your brain needs regular work-outs too. Author and archeologist John Shimmin writes on the fascinating mysteries surrounding the Holy Grail in his two recent novels, Manx Grail Chronicles: The Templar Treasure, and (coming soon) The Mystery of the Pythagorean Scrolls. One of the first points John makes about the brain is how it needs to be exercised, just like your body. Giving your mind mental gymnastics to puzzle over is one way to give it a work-out. John shares his wisdom in this arena and offers tips including: ** Look for the mysteries in your everyday life ** problem-solve issues as a team ** look at objects from a different angle, i.e., draw a chair right-side-up and upside down; you will be amazed at the difference! ** Practice critical thinking ** Challenge your perception of the ordinary; you may discover something new! John wrote the results of his research in a thesis, but then realized how dull that presentation was to the average reader. He decided to wrap the information in a mystery, appealing to the general public, and were glad he did! ********* Dr. Proactive Randy Gilbert interviewed John Shimmin and you can hear the entire interview for free at http://insidesuccessradio.com/Guests/John-Shimmin
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Fitness Guru Preaches Inner Health
by Randy
What is the ?ripple effect? and how does it relate to you? Lifestyle Fitness Coach and author of ?Self Care Before Sit-Ups?, Amy Lundberg says the ripple effect becomes obvious when you start looking inside and working on your inner-spirit. Recharge Your Batteries When she coaches people to begin nurturing themselves, cherishing themselves and recharging their batteries, they notice far-reaching effects, similar to the way ripples move across a pond. When you take care of yourself, every aspect of your life improves. ?This is why I love to work with mothers,? says Lundberg. ?Because once they start to nurture themselves, they start to have more patience with their kids, more energy for their husband, more time for reading and just more ?me? time.? Cookie Cutter Approach Verses Holistic Approach Lundberg says that people look for a cookie cutter approach to fitness, instead of taking a holistic approach. ?As women, we?re constantly doing for others, instead of taking care of ourselves.? As a result, we become depleted, exhausted and every aspect of our life suffers. Ripple Effect By focusing on your inner-spirit, nurturing yourself, igniting your inner-sparkle and avoiding distractions that sap your energy, you can feel the ripple effect enriching every aspect of your life. To listen to Amy?s interview on Inside Success Radio, visit http://www.insidesuccessradio.com/Guests/Amy-Lundberg Dr. Proactive Randy Gilbert enjoys producing "The Inside Wellness Success Show," hosted by Rob Smith. Listen to his insightful interview with Amy Lundberg based upon her outstanding book. You can hear the entire interview for free at "www.insidesuccessradio.com/Guests/Amy-Lundberg"
918 day(s) ago
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