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First thing’s first, hook up a webcam. Once installed you can send all the videomail you want.
Need help? Click here.

Surprise your vidiLife friends with Video Mail. Or, send it to anyone with an email address. You can also record a greeting to put on your profile!

Click on Record to begin your message and Stop to end it. Preview it – if you don’t like it, try again!

When you’ve perfected your greeting, click Send and your friends will receive an email with your video message in it!
Record your message using your webcam and send it to your vidiLife friends! Type in their username and just send it!

Record your message using your webcam and send it to anyone! Type in any email address and just send.

Record your message using your webcam and use it on your profile. Introduce yourself and make friends! See Sample

—–Our Webcam Winners!—–
Friday, May 19
Friday, May 26
Friday, June 2
Friday, June 9
Friday, June 16
Friday, June 23

Who just sent a Video Mail

Having any problems with Video Mail? Got a cool greeting you want to share? Join us in the forum!

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