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What is vidiLife?
vidiLife is a free online social networking site that also provides a free video and photo hosting service allowing users to view, upload, and share videos and photos.

Is vidiLife really free?
Yes. Anyone can create a profile to meet other users, view and share videos and photos, upload videos and photos, and use all of our other features, absolutely free of charge.

How do I watch and save videos?
Watching videos on vidiLife is easy-just come to the site and look around, or search for subjects that interest you. Find a video that you’d like to save? Just click on “Favorites” to add a video to your list of favorite videos.

How can I embed videos from vidiLife onto other sites?
vidiLife has many options to help you share your favorite videos. Simply click on any video and you can get the codes beneath the video player. Take the code from the “Embeddable Player” and add it to your MySpace page, Friendster, Blogger, eBay, or even to your own website. You can also use the video URL code to email, link, or IM any video.

What are tags?
Tags are keywords that describe videos. For example, a surfing video might be tagged with “surfing,” “water,” and “waves.” Users who enjoy watching surfing videos can then search for any of those terms and that video will pop up in their search results. Tags help you find new videos you might like to watch, and also help you label videos you upload so that other people can find them more easily. The bigger the tag appears in the list, the more videos use that tag.

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1. Shooting Video: You’ll need to have a device that can capture digital movies-this could be a camcorder, digital camera, or even your cell phone! You copy the movies to you computer, and then you can either upload them as-is or edit them with software such as iMovie or Windows MovieMaker to add titles and special effects. Use your own video/photo camera to shoot your video.
Download it from your camera to your computer system using the video/photo transfer software on your system or supplied with your camera. After you download your video to your computer, title it, and save it in a My Video/photo file or another place where you can easily locate it.

2. Uploading:
To upload your video at vidiLife, log in at the site, and click on the link titled “My Video.” Now click on the right side link titled “Upload Video.”
Fill out the entries on the form however you would like.
Click the “Browse” button on your computer to view all files.
Find the video file you would like to upload to vidiLife.
When you find that file, highlight it and click on “Open” or “Select.” The title and location of your file will be entered in the upload form.
Complete the remaining entries as you like, read the posting rules, and then click on “I Agree, Upload My File” or “Cancel” if you decide not to upload it.

3. How Long Will It Take?
The amount of time it takes to upload depends on the speed of your computer and Internet connection.
When completed, you will see a screen that says “Congratulations, your upload was successful.”
After this, vidiLife will process your file and as quickly as possible make it visible in your personal video archive file.
You will receive an email confirmation immediately when this occurs.
You can then see your video, invite others to view it, or go on to the other steps to link your video to other websites for viewing there.

4. Other Questions:
What is a .MSWMM file? How do I create a movie with Windows Movie Maker?
A .MSWMM file is a Windows Movie Maker Project file. By saving the project, it allows you to return to the movie and make modifications at a later time. However, if you’re satisfied with the movie and would like to upload and share the result through vidiLife, you will need to choose “Save Movie File” under the “File” menu (which is different from “Save Project”, which creates the .MSWMM file.)

Do I have to sign up to upload videos?
Yes. Since videos are attached to your profile, you must sign up as a member to upload videos. Becoming a member also allows you to save videos, create playlists, and leave comments, among many other features.

How long do my videos stay on vidiLife?
Videos stay on vidiLife until the members who uploaded them choose to take them down. Videos which violate the terms of use and have been flagged may be taken down by vidiLife.

How long can my video be?
There is no limit on the length of any video on vidiLife.

What video file formats can I upload?
vidiLife accepts video files from most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones in the avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .dvr-ms, .mpe, .mp4, .mp2, .asx, .asf, .wmv, .3g2, .3gp, and .divx file formats.

Is there a limit to how much I can upload?
We don’t limit you on the number of videos you upload. So upload as many videos as you’d like-it’s more content for the vidiLife community to enjoy!

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Firefox Users
You need to install Windows Media Player Plugin in order to watch video. Click the link below for instruction to install Windows Media Player Plugin.

Install Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox Browser

Internet Explorer Users
To watch this video clip you must have the latest version of Windows Media Player. Click here to download Windows Media Player for free.

You should be able to watch the video after installing Windows Media Player. However, there are a few cases that even after installing Windows Media Player, you still can not watch the video. If this is the case, you need to install an additional piece of software called Divx Codec. Click here to dowload codec for free.

What is “My Favorites” for? How many videos on vidiLife can you watch over and over? “My Favorites” makes it easy for you to access your favorite videos.

How do I create My Favorites? When you see a video you know you’ll want to watch again, just click on the Favorites icon to add it to your Favorites. Click on “Yes, add this to my favorite videos” and you’re done.

How do I view My Favorites? Click on “My Favorites” under your “My Videos” section. All your favorite videos are conveniently stored there for you to watch.

I found a vidiLifer with great taste in videos. Can I be notified when he/she uploads new videos? Yes. Next to the publisher’s name there is a “Subscribe to Publisher” link. After you click it, enter your email address and click the Subscribe button to subscribe to the video publisher. If your subscription request is approved you will be notified via email of new videos by this publisher.

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vidiLife has many options to help you share your favorite videos. Simply click on any video and you can get the codes beneath the video player. Take the code from the “Embeddable Player” and add it to your MySpace page, Friendster, Blogger, eBay, or even to your own website. You can also use the video URL code to Email, link, or IM any video.

Option 1: Email Invitation

Click on the “Email to Friends” button, enter up to five email addresses, click “Send Invitation” and the video will be on its way.

Want a convenient way to invite all your friends? Now you can import your contacts from MySpace, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN or Google GMail. Just enter your username and password and select which friends you want to send the video to. It’s fast and easy!

Email Video to Friend

Option 2: Video URL

Copy and paste this URL to link your friends directly to the video’s page via email, instant messenger, etc.

Video Url

Option 3: Embeddable Player

Copy and paste the entire HTML code into any website to embed the video directly into your page. You can alter the size of the video, or choose Auto Play, by clicking on the “Advanced” link. Add video to your blog, MySpace, website or more without requiring your friends to leave your page!

Embeddable Player
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What is a Playlist?
A playlist is a group of videos that you can choose to play one after another. You can organize your playlist by genre, or choose videos at random – it’s entirely up to you!

How can I create a Playlist? As you browse videos keep an eye out for the playlist button located directly beneath the video player. When you see a video you would like to add to your playlist, just click on “playlist” and your video will automatically be added.

When you’re ready to watch what’s on your playlist, just click on “play” and a new video browser will open. You can watch, pause, rewind and skip videos as you please. It’s that easy.

Can I share my playlist with friends? Absolutely! Just go to “My Playlist” under the “Videos” section and copy the playlist HTML codes. You can then paste the codes into your webpage, a friend’s MySpace profile, etc. and a video player will be embedded in the page. Show off what you’re watching!

What if I don’t want a video to be in my Playlist anymore? To remove a video from your playlist, click “delete” next to the video you would like to remove.

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Adding a photo to vidiLife is almost the same as adding video and just as easy.

How do I upload photos?
1 – Log in at the site, click on the link titled “My Photos”
2 – Click on “Upload”
3 – Click “Browse” to upload your photo
4 – Fill out the entries on the form as you wish, and then click on “I Agree, Upload My File” or “Cancel” if you decide not to upload your photo.

Is there a limit on the amount of photos I can upload?
No. vidiLife offers free, unlimited photo storage. That means you can upload your entire picture collection and never have to worry about running out of space.

How can I make my photo private?
When you upload your photo you can choose what type of access you want to give your photos. There are two types of private access. “Circle of Friends & Invitation” allows your vidiLife friends and invited friends to view your photos. No one else can see them. If you choose “Invitation only” only the people you invite to see your photos can view them.

How do I get photo codes to put on my blog, MySpace, etc?
To get codes from you gallery go to “My Photos” click on “Get Code” under the picture you’d like to use. The code is in the field under “Codes to display this photo from your website.” When you paste this code into your website, the picture will appear.

When browsing photo galleries, you can get codes by clicking on the image you’d like to share, and then clicking on “Get Codes” underneath that picture. Click in the code field to select all, copy, and then paste!

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Your personal homepage is where your personality comes across. Your page contains various elements that allow you to make your page your own. When you are done personalizing your homepage, click on “View My Profile” to see how it turned out.

Customizing your page is easy, you have the option of:

Adding a profile photo
1 – Click on “Upload/Change Photo”
2 – Next, click on “Browse”
3 – Finally, click “Upload”

Entering personal information about yourself
For “Basic Info:”
1 – Click on “Basic Info”
2 – Fill out the entries on the form however you would like.
3 – Click Submit

For “Interests:”
1 – Click on “Interests”
2 – Fill out the entries on the form however you would like.
3 – Click “Submit”

The “Keyword” tab allows you to add short words about yourself (musical tastes, books, interests) so that other users may search for and find you.

The “Reset” and “Delete” functions allow you to change, add, or erase information.
Click on “Edit My Profile”

Changing the background and colors of your home page
1 – Click on “Spice It Up”
2 – Go to each link at the top of the page
3 – Determine which links you want to use to adjust your page
4 – Follow the directions for each link for font, font size, colors, and additional options

Additional Options: Under “Spice Up Your Profile,” there are many additional options to enhance your page.

“Preference”: This link gives you the option to Display Birthstone Image, Display Animated Sound Image, Display Blog, Display Recently Played Games, Display Photos, Display Comments, Display Videos, Display Gifts, or Display Friends. Simply click “yes” or “no.”
“Bg Color”: This link allows you to choose the background color for your profile page. Simply chose the color from the color chart and apply.
“Bg Image”: This link allows you to add a background image to your profile page. Simply click on the image to add or upload your own.
“Sound”: This link allows you to choose music for your profile. You may upload your own song, or you can use our search option to choose a song.
“Left Text Link”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for text links on the left side of your profile page. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Name”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for your name. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Headline”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for your headline text. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Right Text Headings”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for right text headings. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Right Text”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the right text. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Videos”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the video text. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Blog”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the blog text. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Casino”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the casino text. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Photo”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the photo text. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“vidiGifts”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the vidiGift display box. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Friends”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the friends display box. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Friend’s Comments”: This link allows you to change the color and font face/size for the friends’ comments display box. Simply choose the font/color and apply.
“Free Text 1”: This is the area above the display of videos.
Free text means… free… do anything you want… you can use our wysiwyg editor and let your creative freedom flow. or, switch to HTML mode by click the icon to add custom HTML codes, video music codes or quiz codes to spice up your page.
“Free Text 2”: Free Text 2: This is the area between the display of videos and photos
Free text means… free… do anything you want… you can use our wysiwyg editor and let your creative freedom flow. or, switch to HTML mode by click the icon to add custom HTML codes, video music codes or quiz codes to spice up your page.
“Normal Mode”: This presets your profile so that you do not have to choose from the above options.

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Main Search Function
Our main search function allows users to browse through all of vidiLife’s videos, photos, and the member directory. You can browse by keyword to find a specific type of video/photo or even find and make new friends with a keyword in their profile. If you are interested in “surfing,” for example, enter the keyword and choose “Videos,” “Photos,” or “Members” in the drop down menu.

The “Members” tab has many options where you can find your friends on vidiLife or make new ones. You can use the “Advanced Search” to find someone specific or to meet someone with specific interests. The “Find My Friends” option is provided for you to stay connected with friends already on vidiLife. Can’t find your friend? No problem! The “Invite Friends” option allows you to invite any of your friends over to vidiLife. You can even search through our member directory to meet someone new or browse for those you know, just click on “List All Members.” Have fun!

Member Advance Search
Reconnect or hook up! You can find your friends by name, email or by a keyword in their profile. It’s easy! See who you know on vidiLife!

Browse by keywords to make new friends according to their interests or find people that you already know. Check out the member directory, and search for men looking for women, women looking for men, or both. Our advanced options allow you to look for friends by age, status, and location. You can even choose to find members with or without photos/videos and have the option of viewing profiles with photo/name only or with full details.

Find My Friends
Another way to find a friend on vidiLife is to simply enter their email. Go to the “Members” tab and click on “Find My Friends.” Enter the email address or import your contacts list from hotmail, yahoo, MSN, or gmail.

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Forums allow you to talk with others about relevant topics.

After log-in, click on the “Forum” tab at the top of the page if you feel like posting your opinion or seeing what others are thinking about. All of the topics are listed under “Category.” Click on the category you are interested and post your thoughts.

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Bulletins are messages that you can post to be read by all of vidiLife’s members. You can post and reply to public messages using the “Bulletin Board.”

To use this feature, click on the “Bulletin” tab at the top of the page after log-in. To reply to a bulletin: click on the “Subject,” then click on “Reply” to post your response.
To post your own bulletin, click on “Post Bulletin.”

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vidiLife has many clubs that may interest you.

To use this feature, click on the “Club” tab at the top of the page after log-in. Clubs “By Category” are located on the right side of the page. Click on any category that interests you. The different clubs under that category are listed. You can click on the name of the club to check it out, or you can click on “View Detail” or “Join” if you wish.

To create your own club, click on “Create a Club” and fill out the entries on the form however you would like.

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To check or send your mail, click on the “Mail” tab any time after log-in. Click on the mail you want to read.

To send out mail, click on “Compose” and send out your message.
You can also check out “Friend Requests” and “Bulletin” posts from this location.

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What is Video Mail?
Video mail is a cool new feature that allows you to mail recorded video greetings to your friends and family.

Who can I send Video Mail to?
You can send Video Mail to vidiLife members or anyone with an email account! You can also record Video Mail and use it on your profile page instead of your featured photo. That way you can have send a unique greeting when people visit your profile!

What equipment do I need to use video mail?
You’ll need a computer, an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone (optional but recommended) in order to get the most out of Video Mail.

What kind of webcam do I need to have?
Almost any webcam should work with Video Mail.

Will Video Mail work with any computer?
Firefox (1.5+). Video Mail has been tested with Windows 2000/XP.

How do I set up Video Mail?
Click on the Video Mail tab, and it will bring you to the composition page. If your browser is not already set up, you will have to install and accept ActiveX controls for Video Mail to work properly.

1) Click on “Click here to install the following ActiveX control: ‘VideoTools2.CAB’ from ‘LiveUniverse, Inc'”
2) Click on “Install ActiveX Control”
3) A pop up will ask “Do you want to install this software?”
– Click “Install” if you want to proceed with the installation
– Click “Don’t Install” if you do not want to install the ActiveX control. NOTE: You will be unable to use the Video Mail feature.
4) When the installation is complete you will be directed to the Video Mail composition page.
5) Make sure your webcam is set up in a flattering position! You will now be ready to start using Video Mail.

How do I install Vidilife videomail on Firefox?
The Vidilife videomail tool is an activeX control, so you will need to install and configure the Firefox activeX plugin before you can install the Vidilife videomail control. Follow these installation steps:

1.  Using Firefox, open the activeX plugin download page.  Scroll down to the section entitled “Download the precompiled Plug-in” and locate the ActiveX plugin for the version of Firefox that you are using.  
2.  Right-click on the link that says “download the .xpi” for your Firefox version and then select “Save Link As” to save the .xpi file to your computer.
3.  Drag the .xpi file onto your open Firefox browser, the plugin will automatically install.
4.  Check your C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins folder. If that folder does NOT contain the nsIMozAxPlugin.xpt file, then download and unzip the .zip file for your Firefox version. Copy and paste the nsIMozAxPlugin.xpt file into the C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins folder.
5.  Configure your activex.js file to allow the videomail control to work by navigating to your C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxdefaultspref folder. You then need to open the activex.js file and add the following as the last line in the file:
pref(“capability.policy.default.ClassID.CIDAE7BD4DA-5993-4E11-862A-1BDC4B32873A”, “AllAccess”);

How do I create Video Mail?
Once you’re at the composition page you should see yourself on the screen! When you’re ready to record your message, click “Record” and start creating your video message. When you are finished with your message, click “Stop.”

Is there a maximum recording length?
Currently your recorded greeting can be up to 60 seconds.

Is there any kind of greeting I cannot record?
Remember, vidiLife.com does not condone activities and actions that breach the rights of copyright owners and absolutely no nudity, hate or otherwise indecent materials. Prior to uploading any material to this website, please remember that your use of vidiLife.com and any material that you upload is subject to this site’s Terms of Use It is your responsibility to obey all laws, including laws governing copyright, in each country. Users who send out obscene or pornographic video greetings will have their accounts deleted.

Can I check my Video Mail message before I send it out?
Yes. Click “Preview” to see the message that you just created. If you don’t like it, press “Record” and try again until you’re happy with your video.

How do I send Video Mail?
When you are ready to send your recorded video greeting, enter your friend’s vidiLife username or email address, give your Video Mail a subject, and click “Send” under the video box.

If I create Video Mail do I have to send it right away?
No. If you like a message and you want to send it later, you can click “Save As” and save it to your computer. Make sure you remember where you saved it.

How do I retrieve saved Video Mail messages?
To retrieve a saved Video Mail message, click on the “Retrieve” button under the video box and go to where you saved it. It will be saved as a .AVI file.

Can I save the same Video Mail to more than one person?
Absolutely. When you finish your recording, just click “Save As” and save your greeting. That way, you can use the “Retrieve” function to send the same message to more than one person.

How do I use my recorded greeting in my profile or MySpace profile?
To record a greeting for your profile, click on the Record Video Greetings button and start recording as usual. When you have finished your video code will appear. Copy and paste that code into your MySpace profile and your video greeting will appear!

How will I know when I have Video Mail?
When you receive Video Mail your inbox will appear full like it would for any normal message. But Video Mail will have a video camera icon next to the subject.

Can I save my Video Mail?
Currently your Video Mail will be deleted 24 hours after the first viewing.

Help! I received a Video Mail with nudity. What can I do?
Any Video Mail greetings with nudity, hate or otherwise indecent materials must be reported. Please click “Report Inappropriate Content” under the video greeting. Users who send Video Mail with nudity, hate or otherwise indecent materials will have their accounts deleted.

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You can invite your friends to vidiLife anytime after log-in by clicking the “Invite” tab at the top of the screen. Fill out the form to invite your friends, or you may import your contacts list. Click on “Send Invitation” to process your invitation.

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The “Fun” tab at the top of your screen allows vidiLife members to create and take quizzes, to play games in the casino, or to shop with your vidi$!

1. Quizzes:
Click on “Create a Quiz” and follow the simple instructions to make your own quiz! Click on “My Quizzes” to see what quizzes you have already created. Click on “Most Popular” to see what quizzes everyone is taking. Quiz “Categories” are located on the right side of your screen, if you would like to browse quizzes by a specific type. You can also choose to “View Detail” of a quiz or “Get Codes” to forward the quiz via email or IM to friends or even to post the quiz on your My Space profile -or other websites where HTML codes are allowed.

2. Games:
Click on the “Casino” tab to play any one of our virtual casino games using your vidi$.

3. vidi$:
What is vidi$? vidi$ is vidiLife’s special currency used for buying virtual gifts at the vidiShop.

What is the vidiShop?
vidiShop is vidiLife’s virtual store where you can purchase vidiGifts and send them to your friends.

What is a vidiGift?
A vidiGift is a virtual gift, not the real stuff you buy from the shopping mall. You can only purchase a vidiGift from vidiLife’s vidiShop. You need to have vidi$ to purchase a vidiGift. Sending a vidiGift is a fun way to share with your friends at vidiLife. It’s also a sure way to put a big smile on someone’s face and another great way to break the ice!

vidiGifts are versatile! You can send a vidiGift to any friend, anywhere! Simply go to “Fun Stuff,” click on “vidiGifts,” and click on “Get Codes” to copy the code for any vidiGift. You can then email it to a friend, use a vidiGift on another site, or even send a vidiGift to a Friendster or Myspace pal. You don’t even have to be a vidiLife member! Simply click on “Get Codes” and send someone a gift today!

How does this vidiGift works?
When you purchase and send a vidiGift to a friend, your friend will receive a notification message of your vidiGift. He or she will then have the option to accept or decline the gift. If they accept, your vidiGift will appear on your friends’ home page.

How do I get vidi$
Presently, there are three ways to earn vidi$:
1. Being an active vidiLife member. You earn 40 vidi$ every time to login to use the site (each login session must be 30 minutes apart to qualify for vidi$.)
2. Refer friends to join vidiLife. You earn 500 vidi$ for each friend that clicks the link from your invitation email and joins vidiLife. ( (i) your friend must never have been a vidiLife member before in order for you to earn vidi$ and (ii) we track and automatically award vidi$ to your account for each qualified signup.)
3. Comment on videos and photos. You earn 10 vidi$ for every comment you make on videos and photos. Start commenting now!

How do I send a vidiGift?
Go to your friend’s profile page, click the link “Send vidiGift” ( located on the left hand-side below the main photo.)

4. vidiGifts:
Click on the “vidiShop” tab to purchase vidiGifts for friends!

You can choose to see the different types of gifts by “Categories” listed on the right of the screen or choose the “List Gifts,” “List My Gifts,” “Most Sent,” tabs to select a particular gift. The “Who Just Got a Gift?” tab will list those who have recently received gifts. The “Rich” and the “Famous” tabs will list those with the most vidiGifts and with the most vidi$. The “My vidi$” tab will show you how much Vidi$ you have to spend.

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After log-in, you may choose to post a blog or respond to another’s blog by clicking on the “Blog” tab at the top of the screen.
You can choose the tab “Compose New Blog” to compose. Click on the listed blog to comment on someone else’s blog. You can choose the tab “List My Blogs” to view your blogs. You can choose the tab “List My Favorite Blogs” to show the blogs you enjoy best.

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It keeps asking me to login, what should I do?
Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser preferences. If you have cookies disabled, there is no way for our system to know you were at the site before, and you will be asked to login.

The videos won’t play-what’s wrong?
All of the videos on vidiLife are streamed through a Flash player, so you need to have the latest version of Macromedia Flash installed on your computer. To download it, please visit Adobe.

The video keeps stopping while I’m watching it. How do I fix that?
If a video doesn’t play continuously it may be due to your connection speed. You’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.

Why can’t I hear the audio when I’m watching a video?
To make sure that you hear sound while watching videos, please check the volume controls on your computer. Also, be sure to increase the volume on other conventional video players on your computer, such as Real Player or Windows Media. This may have an effect on your computer’s master volume levels. Next, check to see if your system meets these requirements for running the Video Viewer:

Macromedia Flash Player 7.0+ plug-in
Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed
Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
Firefox 1.1+, IE 5.0+, or Safari 1.0+
Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps

If your system meets all the requirements, but the Video Viewer still isn’t working properly, please try troubleshooting with a different browser. Also, please test the audio on multiple videos.

My video is taking a long time to upload. Is something wrong?
Generally, if you have a high-speed internet connection you can expect the upload to take somewhere between 1-5mins for every 1MB. However, the experience is different for every user because of the variation in connection speeds. If your video is very large, it may take a long time to upload.

Someone on vidiLife is bothering/harassing me – what can I do?
You can remove any person from your Friend’s List (they will then no longer be able to add Comments to your Profile page), delete any comments they leave on your Profile page, and you can even delete any messages they send you via the vidiLife mail system without opening them. You may also block the user, which will prevent them from contacting you. If you feel that someone is seriously threatening you, contact law enforcement immediately.

Where do I report Inappropriate Content?
If there is video or picture that you have viewed that is inappropriate, look at the bottom of the video/picture and click on “Report Inappropriate Content.”

What do I do if I forgot my username and/or password?
There is a link directly under the login box on vidiLife’s home page called “Retrieve User Name and Password.” Click here and enter the email address that you used to create your account, then click submit and the information will be emailed to you.

How do I contact vidiLife if I have any other questions/concerns?

There is a link at the very bottom of vidiLife’s home page entitled “Contact Us.” Feel free to send any questions you may have.

I want to delete my account; how can I ?
Simply login and go to “Edit my Profile,” there is a delete option located at the
end of the tab section.

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