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Use a Bulletin to share your information with everyone instantly!
Video Mail
Entertain your friends with Video Mail, the new, improved video email that makes you part of the message!
Start up a conversation with some interesting strangers, try posting a Shoutout and get ready to have some fun!
Tell us about your bad day or cool adventure, and comment on other people’s Blogs to let them know you care.

Take on the challenge of fellow vidiLifers’ Quizzes and see how each of your scores compares to the competition.

Show someone you care and send them a beautiful gift: flowers, chocolates, even tropical vacations.

Checkout our Contests section so you can take part in our exciting competitions and sweepstakes. We’ve given away iPods, webcams, and cash.

Test your luck and your gambling skills with our vidi$ Casino! We’ve got Blackjack, Poker, slot machines and more…

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