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Date: Jul/18/2006 05:27 PM

To continue on the last topic from my previous blog, I did indeed go to the local cinema, but not to see "A Scanner Darkly" – instead I watched the second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and verily I was entertained! 

Johnny Depp is not one of my favourite actors and indeed he has never been one, but add a little eyeliner and an overdose of effeminate swaggering and I am mysteriously allured.  No, I can’t explain it.  I was happy also to see the return of Norrington, inestimably more attractive as a filthy drunkard.  Too bad he had to betray the main characters and couldn’t stick around to get shirtless and sweaty while on board the Pearl, or something.  Alas.  Keira and Orlando were useless as always but they were somehow less annoying in this movie than the last, maybe because they were overshadowed by heaps of other, much more interesting new characters.  And, finally, I was glad to see the return of the dodgy pirate duo made famous by their favourite word ("poppet") and a wooden eye.  (Yay for The Office and Bill Nighy and all things British in general!)  Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rotten rating but it’s not supposed to be high drama, it’s summer candy, so I say cut the damn movie some slack.

What I am *really* eagerly awaiting is the next Aubrey/Maturin movie, a seagoing adventure infinitely superior to the silly thrills "Pirates" offers.  Russell, Paul, Billy – please come back soon and bring O’Brian’s work to life!

But movies are, unfortunately, just a distraction from real life…

And so I move on to the title of this blog: why is it the end of the world, you might wonder?  Well, on the global scope I am becoming seriously concerned that WWIII might break out in Israel and Lebanon; there was another massive tsunami in Indonesia, and as Al Gore has warned we’re all going to hot hot HOT hell in a handbasket thanks to polluting this planet to death.  Not to mention the Aztec calendar ends in 2012.  On a personal level, today one of the great loves of my life has left me to travel around the world and I already miss him too much.  My card readings are not boding well, I’m entering a cycle of low energy in my astral chart, and I fear I will be stuck in Southern California for an entire year…

Oh 2006, how did you go so wrong? 

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