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Cell Phone Camera Footage of Left Eyes' Fatal Cras
Wait, did they even have cell phone cameras yet when this happened? Having it only show up now seems kinda suspicious to me

By Chris 1143 days ago on Extreme & Outrageous
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Tags: left eyes, tlc, crash, camera, deadly, accident
Gundam SEED Destiny 41
REFRAIN Athrun opens his eyes while on his bed in the infirmary hearing an announcement from a news reporter that is is apparent that several leaders of the Logos had been taken in. Athrun questions why he is at a place like this as he should have known the futility of the first war. He asks himself why, after he joined ORB, it resulted in another battle. -Recap of Athrun fighting veterans attempting to sent Junius 7 on a collision course to Earth. -Minerva's first arrival in ORB -Athrun taking off in a shuttle to go to PLANT -Athrun being pursued by the Destiny Gundam and Rey (He thinks that he was going really far as he dragged Meyrin into it) -Meyrin taking off her shirt and pretending to take a shower to provide cover for Athrun (In the end he was unable to accomplish anything...) -Destiny charging right at Athrun's ZAKU and stabbing right through it -Cagalli brushing the left side of Athrun's hair Athrun continues to think, why he was here. Kira is beside his bed and tells him that Kisaka brought him hear and was suprised. He tells him that Cagalli had been crying the entire time. -Earth Alliance's attempted nuclear missile attack thwarted by the stampeder(What he wished for might have not been a definite answer) -Gilbert and Athrun watching the news of the EA's attempted attack -Shinn Asuking what he was doing in ORB -Yzak telling him that he must do something so he doesn't waste his strength -Meer saying how she feels good to help -Dullindal saying what he can do and what he desired and granting him the Saviour Gundam(He believed Dullindal's words and was rewarded FAITH, when in reality, instead of Dullindal relying on him, he relied on Dullindal) -Saviour takes off for the first time -ZAFT's assault on the Lohengrin Gate and Conille expressing her sadness on the treatment of the people (He felt there was no other way other than fight) -Talia telling Athrun that ORB forces had joined witht he EA. -Heine telling him that they have to fight as much as they don't want to, or else they die. -Minerva fighting with ORB and the EA followed by Freedom coming down from the sky and Athrun failing to communicate with him (All Kira caused was chaos) -Gaia lunging at the Freedom killing Heine instead -Kira's meeting with Athrun with Kira saying asking what he was doing and Athrun relies that he is fighting to stop the war in the interests of PLANT. (Kira never understood me, and Kira and my path would never clash with Each other and it was supposed to go in the same direction, but why did they fight?) -Saviour fighting Destiny with Athrun saying that all Freedom was doing was bringing chaos to the battlefield. Kira says to Athrun that he understands him but Cagalli was crying as she didn't want this to happen followed by Kira asking if he understands him. Athrun hesistates and Kira goes seed mode while saying that he has no choice but to take him down, flies at him and completely totals his Savour Gundam to no repair. Athrun sitting in bed a long time ago with images of Kira saying that he doesnt want to do something like attack, Dullindal saying they must fight the Logos, Athrun expressing his shock at the Archangel's defeat, and Rey saying how they must obey the Chairman as they were part of ZAFT. -The Chairman telling Athrun that he wants to make it so that there will never be another war again as it may sound like a dream, but he will make it a reality as the Chairman presented them the Legend Gundam and the Destiny Gundam. (The Chairman's words sounded pursuasive, but when realizing the truth behind it... I couldn't trust him with anything) -Athrun seeing a picture of Kira and his conversation givent to him by Meer -Athrun says that he can't be a puppet, Abyss getting taken down, Athrun trying to get to the Archangel (I wasn't trying to escape, just trying to find the truth) -Athhun in his GOUF fighting Destiny and Legend while trying to get away, Shinn gets mad saying how he had betrayed them and stabs his beam saber right into the center of his cockpit. Athrun still lies on his bed in the infirmary, and hears an annoucnement that Kira is to come to the bridge as the Eternal is taking off, but were spotted by ZAFT. Athrun gets up a bit and is very worried about the Eternal. -The Eternal launching out of its camoflauge Athrun tells Kira while in the infirmary, to go help the Eternal -Murdoch telling everyone to clear out and Athrun with his hand grasping his heart saying weakly for Kira to protect the Eternal at all costs. -Kira launches in Cagalli's Strike Rouge reprogramed to look like the Strike -Asassination attempt of Lacus where a soldier fires a bullet and Kira saves her (Kira says that from the day he fought the asassins that attacked Lacus, he had been piloting a mobile suit right now, and right now he was aiming for the sky again to protect the Eternal and prays for Lacus's safety) -The fight outside of the Eternal and Kira arriving in time with Lacus supprised. (Kira asks himself how much blood had to be spilled for a war to end as the only thing that remained was inreparable sadness, anger without a cause, and endless repetition of hatred. At the end of the battle, it was his own sword, Freedom, that had shattered) -Murasame squadron leader dying in the end making Cagalli cry very hard -Freedom taken down by Shinn in the Impulse -Athrun telling Kira in his meeting that they were fighting for peace (Kira says that PLANT, and Dullindal were fighting and what the Archangel was doing is a mere joke that brings chaos to the battlefield, and wonders if it is really true.) -Saviour fighting Chaos, Freedom fighting -Dullindal's announcement of the Logos pulling the strings and to put an end to these things (Kira says that he understands what he was saying, but when Lacus was being attacked, Kira sensed his enormous strength that was creeping behind the shadow of the fight. Why did ZAFT attack the Archangel? Why were they trying to sink the Eternal Again? Athrun, are you able to answer my questions? Trusting the Chairman is something Kira could not do.) -Attempted assasination of Lacus -Archangel attacked -Eternal Attacked -Destiny Plan -Neutral areas happy to be released from the oppression of the EA (Kira says he understands how he believes that they should be shedding this blood) -Murasame's being attacked and destroyed -Shinn crying the first time after his parents and Mayu died -Lunamaria crying -Shinn destroying ORB's flagship killing Todaka -GENESIS firing -Azrael laughing his head off -Flay dying in her lifepod with Kira yelling her name -Rau saying how it was too late and conflict will end with tears -Assasination of Siegel Clyne -Parents sad about the death of Nicol -Murrue crying -Uzumi saying that he wants them to have a good future -Cagalli calling back at her father -Patrick Zala dying -Athrun going to destroy the core of GENESIS and Cagalli telling him that to live is to fight -Cagalli and Athrun's first meeting with the Chairman -Athrun saying to Cagalli that he had asked the Chairman for help -Lacus bringing Kira to the Strike Freedom. Kira thanks her and says that with this, he can fight again. Kira tells Lacus to wait for him, and then they can return to where everyone is at. Kira heads out in his Strike Freedom -Strike Fighting Aegis (Kira says that what himself and Athrun can to may only be fighting, but Lacus and Cagalli are trying hard to open up a new future and they cannot forgive anyone who tries to crush their efforts, which is why he is still fighting) -Kira crushing Providence -Eternal being attacked with Gaia fending them off -Strike Freedom fighting with its DRAGOONs the first time then taking down the fleet of Nazca class -Shinn's meeting with Kira and him telling him that no matter how great the flowers bloom, they will just wither away again. -Kira and Athrun meets again -Nicol Talking to Athrun -Miguel Aiman in his pilot suit -Strike Freedom fights with power -Shinn holds his little sister's cell phone -Freedom flies away (Kira makes a final statement saying that they must fight with Freedom) http://www.seedgenesis.net/index.php?action=epguide_d

By the 1661 days ago on Drawn Forces
Popularity Views: 32,046
Gundam SEED Destiny 39
KIRA OF THE SKY Martin DaCosta searches throught Lagrange 4 (Mendel Colony) for vital clues to use against Dullindal. He comes across a book, picks it up, reads it, along with a folder. He escapes as fast as he can, but is caught by the eye of a nearby GINN Recon-Type. Returning to the Eternal unaware of the enemy close by, he notifies about the attack and aftermath at Heaven's Base. They fear that ORB will be the next target. The aftermath of the battle at Heaven's Base is shown. A trio of ZAFT soldiers talk about how Jibril was able to escape. Shinn is angry about not being able to capture Jibril. The scene then switches brifly to Jibril flying in a plan into ORB, with Yuuna and his father Unato waiting to meet him. Kira is troubled by the events of Heaven's Base as he meets with Murrue at the secret repair bay undetected by any satelite. Kira is worried about Lacus. Meanwhile, at Athrun's bedside on the Archangel, Neo watched the new broadcast from his bed. Cagalli then rushes in to care for Athrun. Athun asks about Meyrin, in which she assures him that she is doing okay as Miriallia is taking care of her. Athrun notices the ring that he had given her as well as his promise. Neo seems a bit touched by the story. Athrun remembers ZAFT and Shinn in which his eyebrows cross. Aboard the Eternal, DaCosta shows to the crew the findings on Mendel. He shows Lacus and Waltfeld the folder with a few notes by Dullindal with something written on it in red called the "Destiny Plan" The notes say soemthing about DNA Manipulation as well as a chart underneath it with aging and time. At that instant, the Recon GINN that was standing by attacks and destroys a surveillance camera of the Eternal. Waltfeld and the crew stay on their toes in which Lacus pleas for them to escape. The Eternal's asteroid camoflauge then breaks away as the entire ship is shown and flies. Back in ORB, Kira makes a few changes with the Strike Rouge. Murrue calls Kira to the bridge in which Kira runs down from the MS and to the bridge of the Archangel. Neo and Athrun are also alerted by the noise from above. In space, the Eternal is seen on radar by 3 Nazca Classed ZAFT ships that were in pursuit. They launch GOUF and ZAKU Warrior mobile suits that being to fire at the Eternal. On the Archangel, Murrue detects that there is a problem with the Eternal's flight path as it was not going in the planned direction. Athrun desperately cries out to Kira to no avail as he was too injured and only results in him lying back down. Neo makes a communication screen to the bridge then forwards the message Athrun had for Kira. Athrun begs Kira to save Lacus as she was in danger. Kira asks for permission from Cagalli in order to use her STrike Rouge as well as the Strike Booster. The crew is suprised and Kira rushes into the cockpit. Murrue turns back to the screen and thanks Neo. In the infirmary, Athrun also gives his thanks to the Major. Neo says that he is not a major and that he was Neo Lorrnoke. Athrun all of a sudden has a flashback of Mu dying because of the Dominion's Lohengrin blast which also destroyed the Strike. He becomes very shocked. A Blaze ZAKU Warrior begins the attack on the Eternal, which it intercepts its missiles. Meanwhile, a Gunner ZAKU Warrior fires at them as the Eternal sharply dodges its attack. Kira is quickly typing away on the control system of the Strike Rouge modifying and upgrading its system. We see the Strike Booster in its pre-launch state. In space, a Nazca class fires its main cannons at the Eternal, in which is dodges its great beams. In retaliation, the Eternal uses its METEOR units to return fire. A great number of ZAKUs and GOUFs start firing at the Eternal and a ZAKU throws a grenade that sets off in front of the bridge. The start up screen of the STrike Rouge is shown booting up and being updated. Kira informs Murdoch and the rest of the technical crew to clear as he launches. Back in the Eternal, a ZAKU Warrior that was shot down explodes near the bridge. Lacus tries to remain calm. Waltfeld immediately stands up and says that he will launch. Back on ORB, at the side of a rocky mountain range, a section of it opens revealing a launch pad for the STrike Booster aiming right towards space. Kira launches the Strike Booster, then activates the Phase Shift Armor on the Strike Rouge. As the Strike Rouge gets closer to the opening, a few noticable changes have been made in order to fit the old Strike's Red, WHite, and Blue, except it's shield remained the same color of the unmodified Strike Rouge. Also its Eyes and Head crystals remain green. The Strike Booster escapes into the sky and Cagalli with Murrue watches the sky from the bridge. Back on the Eternal, Waltfeld's custon Orange Gaia launches and destroy's a ZAKU Warrior using its beam rifle. A ZAKU tries to use it's Beam Axe on the Gaia, in which he dodges and takes out its head. Waltfeld stands on the body then goes to Quadruped mode. He uses the Beam Wings to destroy a GOUF and the Eternal continues to dodge the Nazca class' attacks as a Gunner ZAKU Warrior fires and nearly hits the bridge causing the Eternal to shake. DaCosta as well as Lacus are also blinded in the light of the blast at the same time. As Waltfeld tries to make a move to attack it, a nearby GOUF shoots out its Heat Rod catching onto the beam rifle of the Gaia. It emits an electric charge which destroys the beam rifle. As the Strike Booster is enroute to space, it glows red breaking out of the atmosphere and into space. Waltfeld seems to have some trouble as he is pinned down by a GOUF's Beam Fingers in which he blocks with his shield. Two ZAKU Warriors surround him and another closes in on the Eternal and shoots down all the Anti-Beam Depth Charges. All of a sudden, a Gunner ZAKU Warrior prepares to fire. As Waltfeld is in trouble, he is unable to prevent it. All of a sudden, the Strike detaches off of its booster. Waltfeld is amazed by the this appearance of teh Strike. Kira fires at the Gunner ZAKU's cannon destroying it. Kira starts to take down a GOUF and ZAKU Warrior's weapons. From the view on the Eternal, Lacus recognizes Kira and calls out, "Kira!". Kira appears right in front of the Eternal and relays an image of himself. Lacus looks very happy to see him and Waltfeld still stares at the Strike in disbelief. A great number of ZAKU Warriors fire at the Strike in which Kira nibly dodges their attacks then retaliates blowing off heads and weapons of the many ZAKUs. Another Gunner ZAKU tries to shoot at the Eternal in which Kira rushes in front of it blocking with the Strike Rouge's Shield. The powerful energy cannon blows up the shield as well as the left arm of the Strike. ANother Gunner ZAKU appears and scores a direct hit at Kira's right arm destroying it. Waltfeld manages to grab the Strike's Beam Rifle and uses it for Gaia destroying the left arm of the ZAKU. Waltfeld calls Kira an idiot and tells him to return to the Eternal. Lacus gets up and goes towards the launch bay. Kira retreats into the Eternal through the Eternal's hangar entrance in which arrestors from the Eternal latches onto the Strike as a stray blast destroys the legs of the Strike pulling him inside to safety. Lacus runs along with the Strike as it is brought in from large windows. Kira immediately jumps out to prepare to meet Lacus. He closes the airlock and takes off his helmet. They run through to more doors in which Lacus and Kira reunite by jumping into each other's arms. Their brief reunion is interrupted as Lacus takes Kira to a hangear. Back on the field of battle, Waltfeld isn't doing too well as his Gaia's arm is shot off. DaCosta looks on with a worried expression. A sudden blast knocks Lacus off balance in which Kira holds her in his arms as she collides into his chest. They reach the hanger which houses the Strike Freedom. Lacus doesn't seem to be too happy about making Kira fight again, but he replies cheerfully to her and thanks her. Kira quikly gets in and boots up the STrike Freedom updating its system. The Eternal opens it's launching hatch as Vestige plays in teh background. The Linear catapuld gives the okay for the Strike Fredom to launch. Kira confirms the launching. The Strike Freedom flies swiftly from the Eternal and Phase Shifts into Freedom's Red, White, and Blue colors with its new golden hinges. He spreads his wings magnificently then flies towards the field of battle. A few of the ZAKU Warriors see this and fires their beam riles and missiles at him. Kira blocks the beams with his beam shield, then destroys the missiles with his rifle. Kira pulls out his beam saber and swiftly disables them. Two of the GOUFs are shocked as they recognize the new MS as the Freedom. Kira dodges their attacks easily from the GOUFs beam fingers then slices off the GOUFs hand. Kira uses both of his rifles to destroy a Warrior and GOUF opposite to him then crosses his rifles to destroy another pair of ZAKU and GOUF. A GOUF fires off its heat rod taht latches on to the STrike Freedom's right leg. Another GOUF also fires one that latches onto his left rifle. While attempting to use its electric shock, the Strike Freedom unleashes its DRAGOONs destroying the binds formed by the heat rod. The GOUF pilots are shocked by it and a great number of GOUFs and ZAKUs are disabled instantaneously. The captain of the Nazca fleet is afraid as the Strike Freedom flies towards them. He order the Nazcas to fire in which the Strike Freedom dodges then fires off its railcannons hitting the tip of a Nazca. The Strike Freedom uses its DRAGOON units in which Kira has a Newtype flash across his head. The DRAGOONs close in and critically damage one of the Nazca ship. The captain sinks into his seat. Kira returns from the battle then flies across the Eternal. Waltfeld's Gaia returns to the hangar. Lacus hugs the book DaCosta found and feels a bit upset about it. She becomes happy as she looks towards Kira. Kira smiles back at Lacus. His head then turns towards the Earth, watching it from high above. http://www.seedgenesis.net/index.php?action=epguide_d

By the 1661 days ago on Drawn Forces
Popularity Views: 55,286
Gundam SEED Destiny 38
A NEW FLAG A recap is shown of Shinn Asuka cursing then activating his beam saber repeating how Athrun betrayed them. He breaches the cockpit of Athrun's unit which falls to the water. Lunamaria refuses to believe the fact her sister would do something like that. Shinn passes by Lunamaria in the hallway and stops. They both hug and Lunamaria cries on her. Shinn lies on his bed looking at his cellphone thinking for certain that the war would end if he did as he was told. The great ZAFT fleet combined with the Earth Alliance lie outside of the gates of Heaven's Base for a response from their ultaminium within 5 hours. The Destiny and the Legend are armed with a spare rifle placed in Paddock 2. All personnel are required to hurry with final checks and commence underground evacuation procedures. WIthin Heaven's Base, Lord Jibril comments on how happy Chairman Gilbert Dullindal must be. Lucs Kohler, sitting next to him, asks if they can really defend it with the defenses they have. Jibril mocks what he says and mentions that they are attacking them before it becomes a world inhabited by Coordinators. Lucs mentions that even though that is true, attacking them and winning only means that they will still replace them with new leaders. Other Logos members sit around thinking about their situation, but Jibril confidently stands up and says that they will show Dullindal what a fool he was for attacking. In the locker room, Rey takes off his ZAFT uniform. Lunamaria walks up to Shinn after being granted the Impulse and asks if she would be able to handle it like he did. Despite her sister's death, she still acts normal by putting the blame on the Logos for her sister's death as well as Athrun's, which drove them mad. She says how Meyrin wasn't so childing like that and that if only Athrun didn't go to ORB as well as the fact that it was not fair, which brings tears to her eyes. She continues on saying how everyone was betrayed. Lunamaria thinks back and says that she was foolish too, but she won't lose while recalling her telling Talia all about Athrun's meeting with Kira. Lunamaria touches Shinn's hair gently and says to Shinn that he must do well too, which Shinn tries to hold back tears to his eyes. Lunamaria made a move on her to kiss him, but Shinn's tears then break, he drops his helmet to the floor and he cries while hugging Luna, who also breaks into tears. Shortly after, an announcement is made and Shinn apologizes to Lunamaria and says that it will be alright as well as the fact that he will protect the Impulse. Rey is shown in his pilot suit ready for action. Approximately 3 hours were left until the deadline for Chairman Dullindal's request was up, but the EAF have not made any reply or remarks to it. Meer sits on her bed in grief while watching a new broadcast in her room with a single guard standing next to the television. The reporter goes on saying that the forces are led by Supreme Chairman Gilbert Dullindal himself. Heaven's Base was going to be difficult if they had to do combat with it as it is both a military base and a war plant. Aboard the Archangel docked in ORB, Athrun and Meyrin are still injured with Cagalli, Kira, and Kisaka beside them. In Heaven's Base, a member of the EAF says to Jibril that the preparations were complete, but was a bit uncertain whether they could pull it off. Lord Jibril says that Dullindal may think they had them cornered, but they do not and the one who makes the first move will come the victor. Missiles and fired from Heaven's Base, which brings shock to Dullindal. THe missiles that streak down on the ZAFT/Allied ships destroying a large portion of the fleet despite their attemps to intercept the missiles. The order for Mobile Armor squads and Mobile SUit squads to launch against Heaven's Base are given, but Heaven's base also send their MA and MS squads out as well. On the Minerva, Talia expresses in desbelief how Heaven's Base has so many forces and the Chairman has an amazed, but worried expression on his face. The Archangel recieves word from the news that without giving a response, Heaven's Base had launched a massive attack on ZAFT, which also suprise the Archangel. We see the OS of a Destroy Gundam boot up piloted by Sting, which launches past a column of Dagger L's. Back aboard the Archangel, Athrun wakes up to see Kira, whom he has a flashback of the Impulse destroying the Freedom. Athrun is a bit frightened, but winces in pain of his injuries. Kira says that he was alright and that Athrun was still alive. With that, Athrun sleeps. Meanwhile of the field of battle, Talia and Dullindal are both shocked and an ICC officer reports 5 "giant units" are seen moving. Arthur is shocked by this and expresses his opinion by saying "5 of THOSE units!?" Sting's Destroy aims its "Aufprall Dreizehn" High-Energy Beam Cannon and fires along with 4 other Destroy units wiping out even more of the ZAFT/Allied fleet. Dullindal says how absurd Jibril was and an officer says that at this rate... which Dullindal cuts off and gives the order to engage combat. ZAFT's space deployment squad launches from space. Meanwhile the Destroy Gundam fires its Circumference Beam Cannon wiping out an even greater portion of the fleet as well as Mobile Suits. Sting laughs with happiness, also what some might consider as "madness" at the destruction of the enemy. Within Heaven's Base, Jibril laughs and goes on saying that theres no point to an ideal unless they can defend it, which is decided by war. ZAFT's pods from space are detected coming down to Earth. The EAF commander gives the order to activate the Nibelung System by first disabling its safety equipment as well as initiating an evacuation order. ZAFT Zaku's come out of their pods and are still falling while the Nibelung is deploayed identified as an anti-aircraft sweeper. It fires wiping out all of the decending ZAFT forces. Talia, Arthur, and Dullindal are shocked by this. Rey expresses anger on this subject and Shinn contacts Dullindal requesting to launch. Talia has doubts about this, but Dullindal in a state of shock says in a monotone voice,"Yes". The Destiny, Impulse, and Legend are ordered to launch. In ORB, Yuuna watches the battle on the new with her father and makes a comment that in reality, nothing can match the EAF's strength, in which his father agrees. Yuuna goes on to saying that if the EAF lost this, they would still have the moon. Yuuna admits that he was taken aback by by Dullindal's speech, but the path they chosen were correct as the EAF will emerge victorious. The Destiny attacks the EAF's Dagger L's destroying them. Athrun wakes up on the Archangel again, which Kira says that Cagalli was crying beside him all this time and was besode him all this time right before he woke up. Back on the field of combat, Lunamaria is confident that she can operate well and destroy's a few MS's. However, a beam flies towards the Impulse. Luckily, the Destiny activates its beam shield emitter and blocks it. Shinn comments on her recklessness in her flying. Back on the Archangel, Kira says that the one who was with Athrun was in a better condition than him. Meanwhile, 5 the Destroy's crush ZAFT forces beneath their feet and wipe out a great number of forces with the arsenal of the Destroy. Rey asks Shinn if he could break through the Destroy's as they must be taken down. Shinn agrees. Aboard the Archangel, Cagalli runs up to Athrun and touches his hair. Back outside on the field of battle, Shinn is mad and remembers the EAF's "special treatment" on their pilots. The Destiny fires a great number of beams which the Destiny blocks. Shinn curses and goes into seed mode, activates his beam saber, then charging. Shinn slices off the Destroy Gundam's left Sturm Faust" Detachable Arm as well as its head. Dullindal smiles and orders that during this time, reorganize the formation. Lunamaria says that she'll open up a path and for all the nearby Mobile Suits to follow her. On the ground and under water, ZAFT ZnO and GOOhN units fight. The Legend pulls out its beam saber and cuts through a Sturm Faust" Detachable Arm. Cagallis asks herself why it ended up like this. Athrun said that he wanted to see her and Kira, which the Chairman Dullindal found out. Meanwhile, the 2nd unit of Destroy was taken down. The Destiny slices another Destroy in half. Shinn contacts Lunamaria to switch to their beam sword (Excalibur) and one for Rey as well. Lunamaria affirms that. Athrun struggles to talk, but Kira tells him to rest a bit since they will be able to talk again at any time. The Legend Gundam is given the Excalibur beam saber and the Impulse is shown using its boomerangs that destroy another Destroy, Rey comments on how impressive she was, which Luna mentions that she is one of the Reds(ZAFT Topguns). The Destroy fires its positron cannons on its chest, which the Destiny blocks with its beam shield. Both Sting and Shinn yell with the Destiny charging directly at the cockpit of Sting's Destroy, breaching it and killing Sting as well as bringing down the Destroy. Lord Jibril angrily walks away and says what the meaning of this was. ZAFT forces continue to successfully progress ever closer to Heaven's Base. Dullindal is informed that Heaven's Base have rose a white flag, which Dullindal says to confirm it and to not let their guard down until all their units stop firing. Aboard the Archangel, Miriallia asks about Athrun's condition, which Kira replies that he's fine. Murrue says that she is not sure, but she thinks that the EAF lost. The last Destroy is brought down and Shinn questions in his mind "I wonder... what are we doing? Wheres my world?". Many scenes are then shown of Shinn, Lacus in disappointment, Kira, the Minerva, and finally, Chairman Gilbert Dullindal smiling with satisfaction. http://www.seedgenesis.net/index.php?action=epguide_d

By the 1662 days ago on Drawn Forces
Popularity Views: 38,052

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