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Camcorder Videos

Watch free, streaming camcorder videos, and download your favorites or post the video codes to your website!

Free streaming videos that you can watch, download, or post codes to embed on your site! Upload your streaming video, or download your favorites and grab video codes to post on your website.

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I learned a traditional instrument with cute asian girl.
I learned a traditional instrument with cute asian girl.

By mari 631 days ago on Dear Diary
Popularity Views: 433
Tags: hmx10, camcorder, cute, asian, girl, traditional
Smart Hybrid DVD/Flash Camcorder! Samsung SC-DX10!
The Samsung DX10 is a hybrid DVD-flash memory camcorder, combining 4GB (1 hour recording) internal capacity, Quick Start functionality and DVD-burning capabilities, enabling users to burn video files directly onto a DVD at the push of a button.

By playamuro 652 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 707
Tags: samsung, dx10, camcorder, review, dvd, flash
Girl taking self portrait, She's just my style!
This Bottle Cap Tripod is a great solution, then, making it easy to throw together a jerry-rigged tripod whenever you need one.

By playamuro 659 days ago on Dear Diary
Popularity Views: 674
Tags: cute, girl, self, portrait, bottle, cap
Samsung's First HD Camcorder, SC-HMX10
Samsung is finally ready to launch the SC-HMX10, its first ever high-definition camcorder.

By playamuro 716 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 529
Tags: samsung, hmx10, hd, 720p, camcorder, schneider
I want to buy this camcorder. Samsung SC-DX10!
The Samsung SC-DX10 offers superior video quality and easy-to-use features that allow consumers to capture life's important moments such as a baby's first steps, fun vacation memories, graduations and other not-to-be missed moments.

By playamuro 716 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 417
Tags: samsung, dx10, dvd, camcorder, schneider, homevideo
Disposable Video Camera Hack
The secret the stores don't want you to know. Hack a one-time use Video Camera so you can use it over and over! It works well for a spy camera too!

By Glenn 841 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 1,077
Tags: camcorder, video, hack, cvs, mod, camera
The sexiest camcorder ad on TV
This cam really knows how shoot a 'steady' video

By El Hombre 866 days ago on Funny Ha-Ha
Popularity Views: 762
Tags: camcorder, ad, funny, sexy,
The Keyla Fight
My friend, Keyla, fought a seventh grader after talking trash so watch how it all ended up as a fight-I only recorded some of it, since a teacher ran out of the school building to stop it, plus I had to hid my camcorder so they wouldnt take it.

By Davis Prime 879 days ago on Extreme & Outrageous
Popularity Views: 590
Tags: girls, fight,
Cameras at ylcamera.com
Cameras, photography equipment and accessories.

By Harald 946 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 660
Tags: camera, camcorder, photography, digital camera, pictures, video
Video Made Easy!
Video Made easy. Learn how to video blog, video email, have your own Tv Show, ge Video Made easy. Learn how to video blog, video email, have your own Tv Show, get discovered and much more. Incredible prospecting and follow up tool for any business.

By Paul 990 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 852
Tags: health, business, helloworld, email, video, easy
Dolfin Attack
While Fishing in the Gulf of MExico outside Crystal River Florida, I took a break and saw a dolfin swimming around clse by. I took out my little camcorder and started shooting. I dont think he saw me.

By Chris 1159 days ago on The Real World
Popularity Views: 938
Tags: dolfin, kayak, fishing, funny, amazing,
The First Thing I Ever Did With A Camcorder!
Just testing how the camera works and trying to zoom around in sync with music. This is over 15 years old and I just found the tape, so it gets encoded!

By Goa 1235 days ago on It's All Relative
Popularity Views: 657
Tags: cow, cows, rodak, carmina burana,
Jimmy Eat World Work
Most of these pics are in my videos that I have, but I wanted a new song for my xanga and my space.. yeah i'm bored too.. it's Christmas break. I got a camcorder for Christmas!! So soon my videos will be live... i just have to get a memory card for that beast so i can upload stuff!

By Christina 1329 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 1,117
Tags: hot girls, college, fun, graduation, sexy guys, lol
spinny telephone
the minute i get a digital camcorder i will start producing expert films for you all to see! but for now you will have to stick with my "computer room films" as thats as far as the webcam goes...enjoy!

By david 1371 days ago on Indie Flicks
Popularity Views: 805

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