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Alternative Videos

Watch free, streaming alternative videos, and download your favorites or post the video codes to your website!

Free streaming videos that you can watch, download, or post codes to embed on your site! Upload your streaming video, or download your favorites and grab video codes to post on your website.

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Full Charge at EVS-23
GMnext was on the floor of the 23rd Electric Vehicle Symposium in Anaheim, California. It’s a premiere international event where the future of electric powered vehicles is on display for all to see.

By GM 980 days ago on Vehicular Euphoria
Popularity Views: 1,139
Tags: gmnext, gm next, evs, gm, general motors,
Project Driveway: A True Test
The only way to see if something works is to test it out. It’s time to do just that with fuel cell technology. That’s where the program “Project Driveway” comes in, putting dozens of Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicles in the hands of real world drivers and letting them provide the feedback. Project Driveway participant Lori Beller, has already begun her fuel cell journey. You’ll get the details in this video.

By GM 981 days ago on Vehicular Euphoria
Popularity Views: 2,028
Tags: gmnext, gm next, fuel cell, chevy equinox, general motors
The Power of Electricity
General Motors joined automakers and manufacturers from around the world at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Anaheim, California. GM featured several vehicles including the Chevy Volt. Here’s the lowdown on the showcased vehicles.

By GM 981 days ago on Vehicular Euphoria
Popularity Views: 843
Tags: gmnext, gm next, evs, gm, general motors,
Otep - Ghostflowers
Otep - ghostflowers

By tardy 982 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 1,023
Tags: music, rock, metal, alternative,
Hypnosis Healing
This series describes what hypnosis is and what it is not, and for what medical problems it can be effectively used. Such conditions as fibromyalgia pain, CFS, IBS, migraines, depression and phobias have all been greatly relieved with this alternative remedy.

By Lori 982 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 697
Upgraded Heart Disease Video Site V3
http://www.heartdiseasekernels.com/ Heart Disease affects families across all ethnic and social lines. Symptoms and risk factors are important in diagnosis & treatment. Site is all video information.

By Lord 982 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 934
Tags: heart disease, hypertension, angina, infarction,
Upgraded Heart Disease Video Site V2
http://www.heartdiseasekernels.com/ Heart Disease comes in many flavors and usually involving cholesterol. This site has many different YouTube videos about Heart Disease. Find a program for you.

By Cliffords 982 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 1,111
Tags: heart disease, hypertension, angina, infarction,
Upgraded Heart Disease Video Site

By Generalisimo 982 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 847
Tags: heart disease, hypertension, angina, infarction,
Young mothergets major relief from her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
After suffering for a couple of years with chronic fatigue syndrome, this young mother has gotten a new lease on life - full of new energy.

By Lori 986 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 1,082
Tags: rid of cfs,
An alternative to searching for ?Jobs Cape Town South Africa?
http://squidoo.com/SouthAfricaJobs Attn: South Africa Jobs' seekers / Entrepreneurs /Leaders: A US$1Bill Co to launch in South Africa. You want an 'unfair advantage' & be 1st to market? Call Joe on Skype: joeleightonotg

By Joe 990 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 1,253
http://www.Secrette.com The non-flammable Secrette device satisfies cravings and replicates smoking while eliminating all smoke, tar and carcinogens. Secrette, the Smokeless Cigarette.

By Mark 991 days ago on This just in...
Popularity Views: 1,025
Tags: secrette, secrette ecigar, e-cigar, e-cigarette, ecigarette
What is Secrette?
http://www.Secrette.com The non-flammable Secrette device satisfies cravings and replicates smoking while eliminating all smoke, tar, carcinogens and the 4,000+ chemical substances found in cigarettes making it the healthiest alternative smoking product you can find.

By Mark 991 days ago on This just in...
Popularity Views: 831
Tags: secrette, secrette ecigar, e-cigar, e-cigarette, ecigarette
GONZO FICTION live flashrock Punk Rock music video
This Punk Rock Alternative band formed in a garage in Hesperia, CA in fall 2003. Using their heavy guitar sounds with old school punk attitude they have created a fear in rock n' roll that has been given birth to in the 70's, and which has seemed to been on it death bed due to the current state of music today.

By jeff 993 days ago on Tune in, Turn up!
Popularity Views: 1,720
Tags: flashrock, gonzo fiction, alternative, indie, band, bands
Natural Diabetes Cure Exist Only In Jap...
For More Info Skpe Me: mr.knight10 (Natural Diabetes Cure) Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Bark Extract, (Natural Diabetes Cure) Treatment ... Cinnamon Bark Extract at Wonder Labs. Your source for cinnamon extract, natural diabetes treatments, alternative

By Jeremy 995 days ago on This just in...
Popularity Views: 2,049
Tags: mercola, mercola.com, natural cure, remedy,
How A "Foot Rub" Saved A Woman's Life
http://www.mgreflexology.com Some people think that alternative therapies like reflexology are nothing more than a fad, but one woman owes her life to reflexology.

By Frank 996 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 816
Tags: reflexology,
Enema or Friend. A tale of a Maui Colon
Do we have to talk about it? If you?re a typical American, your colon is probably the most neglected organ in your entire body. But did you know that it?s the most vital in terms of your overall health? Why do we neglect our colons? Because, for obvious reasons, colon health is a subject none of us wants to talk about in ?polite conversation.? Out of sight, out of mind. What if I told you that a clogged colon is quite possibly robbing you of the energy, vitality and peace of mind that you deserve? ?I?m not constipated!? You might say: ?What?s the big deal?? My colon must not be clogged because I have normal bowel movements.Well, you may be shocked to learn that the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago performed autopsies on 300 bodies1. According to the histories of the deceased, 285 of them claimed that they were not constipated and had ?normal? bowel movements. What the autopsies revealed absolutely amazed the examiners: 95% of the bodies examined were constipated! Some of the bodies were found to have colons bloated up to 12 inches in diameter (a normal colon is 2-3 inches in diameter) and were encrusted with a long-term buildup of toxic material.The ?Serial Killer? ? In the United States, 1 out of every 17 Americans will develop colorectal cancer Deaths from colorectal cancer rank third after lung and prostate cancer for menand after lung and breast cancer for women. ? Most colon cancers are tumors that develop from the glands lining the colon?s inner wall.According to research conducted by Dr. Denis P. Burkitt, M.D.3, the length of time foodwastes remain in the bowel determines: ? How putrefactive (decayed or rotten) they become inside you ? How much fat is absorbed through your bowel wall (including unhealthy cholesterol)? What sort of toxins develop in and pass through your bowelDr. Burkitt clearly linked how people with rapid bowel transit times (associated with clean, constipation-free colons) have dramatically fewer incidences of colon disease,including colon cancer.Your 3 Point Checkup Did you know that you?re quite possibly being poisoned by your own body? Most people have no clue as to why they?re experiencing all too common health issues that can be a direct result of inadequate digestion and elimination.Could this be happening to you? Here?s a quick 3 question test that can help you find out:1. Do you frequently feel sluggish, tired or lethargic? ____ Yes ____ No 2. Do you have arthritis or experience frequent body aches and pains, including headaches? ____ Yes ____ No 3. Are you experiencing constipation, diarrhea or irregular bowel movements? ____ Yes ____ No If you answered ?Yes? to any of the 3 questions, you could be heading for disaster. What do you do? For starters, you should ?clean yourself out? as soon as possible! Proper cleansing of the colon can loosen and remove years of the toxic buildup that couldbe caked on your colon?s inner wall (which is exactly where most colon cancers develop). Please come see us in Maui, Hawaii. Go to www.VolcanoHealing.com

By captainColon 996 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 7,381
Tags: colon, surgery, cancer, therapy, treatment, alternative
Maui Hawaiian Sea Water Cleanse Part 2
http://www.CaptainColon.com The colon?s main function is the reabsorption of nutrients and water into our bodies and the elimination of toxic wastes through regular bowel movements. When the bowel is impacted, however, problems arise such as constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. Common symptoms resulting from accumulated toxins in the bowel can include headaches, bad breath, allergy symptoms, PMS, fatigue, depression, irritability, bloating, and frequent infections. As Dr James Balch writes, ?Retained debris in the colon leads to the absorption of toxins resulting in systemic poisoning. Colon cleansing can rid the colon of debris and help prevent and treat a variety of health problems.? In order to prevent such problems, it is recommended that one regularly cleanses their colon, small and large intestine. This is known as ?colon cleansing.? As the average adult has between 5 and 40 pounds of compacted waste in their bowels, a good colon cleanse would be of great benefit. It is important to know that all colon cleansing treatments are not equal, however. The Different Types of Colon Cleansing Colon Hydrotherapy Colon hydrotherapy is the process of warm, filtered water being gently fused into the colon through the anus via a plastic tubing that is disposable. This procedure must be performed by a certified or licensed professional for optimum results and safety. Visit www.VolcanoHealing.com to enjoy a retreat in Maui while fasting, detoxing and colon cleansing. Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the large intestine only and the instrument used must be FDA cleared to ensure sanitary conditions. When used in conjunction with an OXYGEN based cleanser, it is possible, over time, to rid the body of toxins and impacted toxins in both the small and large intestine. Home use systems are available and are best used as an adjunct to the therapy performed by one's professional colon hydrotherapist. Colon hydrotherapy is also know as ?colonic irrigation? and ?using colenemas.? Enemas Enemas are a treatment that has been used for many centuries to treat constipation. Their effectiveness, however, depends on the type of enema that is used. In general, enemas will only remove material from the lower part of the colon and none are able to oxidize or melt away the compaction. They are useful, however, for emptying the rectum , which is the lowest 8 to 12 inches of the colon. On the other hand, many do not like having to insert the enema into their rectal cavity. The main types of enemas are water enemas (similar to hydrotherapy except using a bag as much less water), coffee enemas, and clay enemas. Go to www.volcanohealing.com to learn more?

By captainColon 996 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 3,124
Tags: colon, surgery, cancer, therapy, treatment, alternative
Maui Hawaii Sea Water Cleanse Part 1
http://www.CaptainColon.com We are going to talk about colon cancer and surgery in the following sentences. It?s important to know that there are effective treatment options for colon disease, such as minimally invasive surgery. Here you will find important information about diseases of the colon and their treatment options. Just spending a little time now to learn more about treatment options can make a big difference later. First, understand that you are not alone. Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, but, if detected early, it also is one of the most treatable. Many scientific advances have been made in recent years, and now, more than ever, doctors are armed with the tools necessary to help you effectively combat this disease. At this stage in the process, you are probably doing a lot of research and trying to learn more about your diagnosis. Understanding what colon cancer is, and knowing your treatment options, will help you take an active role in making decisions about your care. Colon cancer does not always cause symptoms, especially at first. But sometimes there are symptoms, such as: Blood in or on the stool ,Unexplained and frequent pain, aches, or cramps in the stomach , A change in bowel habits, such as having stools that are narrower than usual ,Unexplained weight loss The rectum is the last 8 to 10 inches of the colon, also called the large intestine or the large bowel. Cancers that begin in this section of the colon are called rectal cancer. Most rectal cancers begin as small, non-cancerous clusters of cells called adenomatous polyps. When physicians discover rectal cancer in its early stages, it may be curable. Physicians diagnose about 41,000 cases of rectal cancer each year in the United States.Colon Surgery is the primary treatment for patients who have rectal cancer. Some patients with very early cancers are also candidates for removal of the tumor through a flexible endoscope or other minimally invasive surgery approaches. Radiation therapy often plays an important role in treatment. Chemotherapy, which uses powerful drugs to kill cancer cells, also may be used. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are often combined with surgery in patients whose initial cancer has an increased risk of relapse if treated with surgery alone, such as when the tumor extends beyond the rectal wall or lymph nodes are involved. These combined treatments may also be indicated for patients whose cancers relapse at the primary site or in nearby lymph nodes after initial treatment. There are other options that you can take. To help your healing. Go to www.volcanohealing.com to learn more?

By captainColon 996 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 1,370
Tags: colon, surgery, cancer, therapy, treatment, alternative
Crave Big Money Now - Crave Energy Drink
Crave Big Money Now! Crave Energy drink, from Vitamark is in Pre-Launch for only a few more days. From the original formulator of 'Red Bull' comes a healthier and less expensive alternative to your energy drink. Safe for Diabetics and tastes great.

By Kelly 1002 days ago on Biz/Ads
Popularity Views: 803
Tags: crave big money, energy drink, vitamark,
JeunePeau.com - Finely Handcrafted Skin Care
All Natural Alternative treatment tested by persons with Sebaceous Cysts! "Key Relief" Key Relief Skin Repair is getting noticed internationally as an effective, 100% natural alternative product tested by persons with sebaceous cysts. Key Relief has a profound effect on the majority of the users! Many people have tried Key Relief Skin Repair and the Key Relief Blemish Cream prior to the option of surgery and have found the healing effects of the products to be sufficient. As with any natural product, the degree of effectiveness is up to your body?s chemistry but the highest percentage of people have found relief. Check out our testimonials! http://www.jeunepeau.com

By Bret 1005 days ago on Get Smart
Popularity Views: 756
Tags: skincare, skin care, sebaceous cysts,

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