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We must leave Iraq

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Video posted by John 1356 days ago.
2839 views on  Get Smart
tags: War Iraq , Iraq War , Sad , Violence , George Bush
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12/01/2008 07 59 AM PST   mood:


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10/01/2007 12 14 PM PST

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03/08/2007 12 07 AM PST   mood:

This video makes me sick, You have the balls to make somethin like that? I'm in the active army doing my part so worthless people like you can continue to live in freedom. I have not yet had the opportunity to deploy to iraq to be with my friends and to do my part in building a better Iraq. I guaruntee you dont even know what we do over there. You probobly sit at home playing with yourself and watch cnn seeing that we lose many soldiers but realistly they dont show what good we do on the news. They only show the bad if you actually pulled your head out your ass and did some research on everything we do from building schools and hospitals we are building a better place for them. I guaruntee if you went over there you wouldnt last a day. We make so many sacrafices so people like you could live free and you make something so stupid like that.

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10/23/2006 02 01 AM PST   mood:

while our troops are dieing over there, this is how you repay them...what a fucking retard, before you make a video i strongly suggest you do some research before you do something stupid like this...how about instead of putting videos about stopping war, how about you pray for our troops there who are fighting for me, you, there country, and there country too..

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10/21/2006 04 55 PM PST

dude, u know aboulotly nothing about what is going on over seas. I'm sick and tired of assholes like you who blame George Bush for "ruining the country" you all really need to just shut the fuck up, and do some rsearch and watch the news and if you can, which I dout you can't read the newspaper. ASSHOLE!

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10/20/2006 04 14 PM PST   mood:

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10/19/2006 10 23 PM PST   mood:

I support our troops and agree with Dan. The poster of this video has no freakin idea what the world is like. Pull you head ouuta your ass and take a real look around; not through some distorted uneducated viewpoint.
What are you people going to understand these people hate us; NOT BECAUSE WE ARE AMERICANS; but because we are INFIDELS to them and are to be KILLED PERIOD. There is no talking; no understanding; no diplomatic way period. These people want and will kill millions of you and I to achieve their "KALIFI". There paradise yea right read history in regards to the muslim religeon and you will see. Also the religious leaders in Saudi Arabia has given these animals permission to kill only TEN MILLION AMERICANS and also WESTERN NATIONS AND ANY NATION NOT MUSLIM..... Jeez people what will it take for you to understand what these people are?
Are you going to wait until there is a blinding flash on the horizon or if you are in the city just nuked and Americans die by the millions; What the FUCKING THEN.. Are you gonna undertsand then?
We were not even in IRAG when 3000 Americans going about their buisness on 09/11/2001 were killed for nothing but being AMERICAN. These fuckers took AMERICAN lives people like you and me for nothing; what you say they have a right to do what they did? If you think that then FUCK Youy. I am my friend will buy you a ticket so you can fly over there and help these poor people; but again I will bet money that you won't live very long either...

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10/04/2006 09 55 PM PST

I go with the little tyke not knowing what is going on. Looks to me that she might be a Headline reader and believes hes the one to tell me how it is. Don't Figure.

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10/01/2006 03 00 PM PST

you go dan

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07/27/2006 08 47 PM PST

well put togeather, however i beleive your views are from the eyes of someone who has no knowledge of the situations in iraq or in world events. im guessing that you are also very liberal and against the troops. well, thats too bad leaving now would lead to years of turmoil and chaos in iraq.

to the person below me:
and you think saddam dident bring years of far worse suffering? hey at least were not raping, tortouring, and waging genocide upon the iraqi people like saddam was.
again, leaving iraq now doesent mean freedom it means it will turn into another country like syria, "run" by a puppet government who is controlled by a terrorist/insurgent group. its great that you can speak your mind on the internet and in america, but please people do some fucking reseach before you open your uneducated opinionated mouths.
OH and for the record i am a liberal, i just happen to keep my mind open and i actually keep up with current world events, not what some retarded people put on theyre blogs.

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Found: 12 comments Page 1 of 2   Next

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