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Extreme & Outrageous

Extreme Video Videos - Disasters, Fights, Death-defying...

Top Rated Videos > All Time Top 20 Show Details

Posted 326 days ago
Views: 12,444

Old Lady Gets Beaten...
Posted 331 days ago
by Angel
Views: 19,666

Fat Kid Owned On Treadmill
Posted 459 days ago
by El Hombre
Views: 11,303

Crazy Girl Gets Car Repossesed
Posted 481 days ago
by Billie
Views: 7,167

Kid Falls In The Gorilla Exhibit
Posted 411 days ago
by Moe
Views: 7,836

Craziest Train Stunt Ever
Posted 335 days ago
by Carry
Views: 15,701

Girl's Locker Room Prank
Posted 746 days ago
by Glenn
Views: 17,226

Funeral Fight
Posted 729 days ago
by evan
Views: 6,095

Cheerleader Kicked in the Face by a Tumbling Team
Posted 759 days ago
by fantasia
Views: 4,852

Dangerous Cliff Rescue
Posted 737 days ago
by Angel
Views: 1,614

Upside Down Rail Grind
Posted 746 days ago
by Missy
Views: 3,431

Kid Owned By Exercise Ball
Posted 512 days ago
by Missy
Views: 4,007

Tree Falls On Man
Posted 515 days ago
by Carry
Views: 2,115

big boods girl in the bed
Posted 562 days ago
by yt
Views: 1,343

Scrap Truck Falls Apart
Posted 772 days ago
by Glenn
Views: 1,812

Garage Door to the Face
Posted 780 days ago
by evan
Views: 6,272

Russian Cops Struggle to Get a Drunk
Posted 780 days ago
by The Killer
Views: 3,729

fighting girls
Posted 806 days ago
by momo
Views: 3,738

double murder suicide
Posted 789 days ago
by pk
Views: 3,404

Boy gets arrested after taunting police
Posted 788 days ago
by Victoria
Views: 1,731


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