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    URL: http://acearth.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 268    Last Viewed: Apr 16-2009 07:45 AM
    " My personality and my interesting mor nothing . "

    21 years old male living in Costa Rica.
    ( Zodiac: Libra - Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit - BirthStone: Opal )

    vidiLifer Since: May 23-2006 05:51 PM   Last Active: Mar 30-2008 07:27 PM

    About Me:
    I am very calm I want to take the life the smooth one, to live but that can be enjoyed her and the good thing of the life, study agronomia, also likes the field I look for I a girl another thing I am 18 years old but very or what I want or not of the life.

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    Good that I can say those that know me know that I like the life to the good style, to have good girls, to meet pretty, and to make some relations esporadicas, I like to amuse the sport and many but things to me.

    Good I am interested in some pretty girl that it wants to pass it well, sex, Romance, adventure, and that but good what arises, I believe that everything depends on the person and the moment but if gustaria to find somebody me for a good ardent relation mainly and

    Good in peliculas I watch all class of peliculas from terror, cattle tenders, Romance, pornograficas, rancheras, Spanish who are very good and I like much of a whole and little.

    I like many the show of like fransisco gift, some series and soap operas, although you do not create it already I am very young and I see some cartoons that they are military.

    The books I say to him are not my better option to take off the boredom, the truth almost does not like to read, although I watch some magazines of naked, small women, cars, some that other books on agriculture

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Good I cannot live outside the arms of a woman enchant the women to me and what it is possible to be had with them. It enchants to me to be well stably living with dignity, and but that everything having what necesisto and if it can but. It enchants the field to me, the property the animals but the horses to mount, the sun enchants the beach one night better to me falling that and slo.


    Michael Joradan
    Don david
    The bests
    What more i can give


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