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    URL: http://DiamondTiger.vidiLife.com
    Page Views: 434    Last Viewed: Feb 01-2010 09:15 AM
    " Don't complain if you're not willing to do something about it. "

    35 years old female living in South Carolina-South/Charleston, United States of America.
    ( Zodiac: Aries - Chinese Zodiac: Tiger - BirthStone: Diamond )

    vidiLifer Since: Feb 25-2007 02:04 PM   Last Active: Mar 01-2007 04:54 PM

    About Me:
    32 year old female, happily married, 2 kids and one on the way, living in South Carolina. I'm new to vidiLife, so I'll update my profile as I think of more to say.

    People I'd Like to Meet:
    Anyone with an open mind. And anyone who wants to help in the fight to save our bully breeds. Say NO to BSL!

    Tons! I do web design as a career, however I'm not taking on any new projects while I'm pregnant. I love the outdoors, my family, my dogs, this list could go on forever.

    Comedy, some drama, and action. I don't have a "favorite" movie, I like what ever I'm in the mood for.

    Not much of a TV fan... but when I do watch it, I like those over the top drama shows. No reality TV for me, I get enough of that in my own life.

    We'll get to this later. lol

    Three Things I Can't Live Without:
    Food, air, water... duh!


    Savin' Me - Help Fight BSL



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