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The Cash Magnet - Millionaire Laptop

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Video posted by Ryan Tate 780 days ago.
850 views on  Biz/Ads
tags: the cash magnet passport to wealth , edc gold , roadmap to riches
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Ryan Tate
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Abunza | Join The Abunza Revolution
by Ryan Tate
http://www.retirewithabunza.com Abunza features an English and Spanish website and products, and employs a team of bi-lingual sales pros on their "Dream Team" to close sales on behalf of its members. Ad co-ops targeting both the English and Spanish speaking markets are also available. Abunza is a true ground floor opportunity and combines the high ROI potential of a start-up company with the security of a proven and tested model, concept and software that has been very solid and very successful already. Furthermore, the Abunza business model outshines the existing model in many key ways that virtually guarantees success for its members. According to founder Michael Spire, "the hardest part of any business to be successful is to have fun, positive people on the team. The Abunza 'Dream Team' are just that, and they are on the phone working for each of our members." Here is what makes Abunza extraordinary: - Advertising co-ops including Spanish Radio, Spanish TV to target market the 100 million Spanish speaking people on the Internet today. - The Abunza Dream Team will call back prospects in both Spanish and English so that members don't have to. Members are notified when funds are transferred into their accounts. A commission is then paid to the Dream Team member. - Generous two-tier compensation plan pays out 100% commission. $797 on the first level and $200 on the second level. - The business plan was approved by Gerry Nehra, the top specialized attorney that approved the business model for Liberty League, Emerald Passport and ITV Ventures. - Two digital libraries containing hundreds of products in both Spanish and English, including software, e-books, audio books and video. The majority of these are high quality digital information products and Software on Internet Marketing and Sales. - Shopping cart software for all members to earn an additional income from retail customers...and members earn 100% of the sales. - The opportunity for all members to add digital products to their sites to sell to their customers...AND pocket 100% of the sales. - Constantly evolving digital libraries with products added regularly, including products from well known Internet marketing gurus. Abunza is growing fast. Learn more at: http://www.retirewithabunza.com
734 day(s) ago

Project Quick Cash - Project Quick Cash -Get Cash Quick
by Ryan Tate
Project Quick Cash - Alok Jain's Project Quick Cash http://www.richcollegeboy.com/project-quick-cash Project Quick Cash - Alok Jain's Project Quick Cash
779 day(s) ago

Passport To Wealth - Passport To Wealth Costs Too Much...
by Ryan Tate
http://www.richcollegeboy.com Passport To Wealth- Passport To Wealth founded by Darren Gaudry, officially launched in February 2007. The two up passive income compensation plan allows entrepreneurs to receive $ 997.00 in commission payments. Passport To Wealth has continued to offer the hottest, most in demand software to the back office for free to each member. The company will be releasing a new system "Cash Flow Club" that will be allowing business owners a more universal automated system with higher payment structures. Passport to Wealth's total membership has nearly doubled in the last 3 months per its owner Darren Gaudry. Mr Gaudry is from Australia and of course is a millionaire and a student of THE SECRET. His belief system shows through in Passport to Wealth. Passport To Wealth members get to keep the full 100% commission payments of $997 as profit. Passport to Wealth is making me real money. http://www.richcollegeboy.com
772 day(s) ago
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